Treating Your Skin with CBD Oil Lotions

Whether it is treating acne or psoriasis, treating troubled skin can almost feel like a battlefield. There are numerous things a person can do make the skin better such as creams, face washes, and even prescriptions meds. Some are lucky enough to see some improvements after using these methods. However, for others, the quest of attaining a healthy and better skin is an ongoing frustration that does not seem to end. Fortunately, all is not lost for such people.

Individuals who have tried conventional methods of treating the skin and have failed should now shift and think of a plant based solution called CBD oil. Regarded as one of nature’s healthiest oil, CBD oil is considered to be a miraculous solution among enthusiasts who truly know its benefits and not just limited to the skin. This oil’s uses extend from basic skin moisturizing to the treatment of severe skin problems like acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Although CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant, it can be mixed with other oils to make a healthy body lotion applicable for skin purposes.

It is important to note that CBD oil contains the right amount of fatty acids which are much needed by our bodies. The human body does not naturally produce the essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6. Lacking these important fatty acids can cause serious health risks including cancer and mutations. It is the reason why people with cancer incorporate CBD oil in their lives.

Benefits of CBD Oil on the Skin

The skin is the largest human organ. It absorbs anything placed on it. Presently, the existing drug stores contain skin care products which promise fast results. However, what they do not tell you is that almost all of the skin care products are made of synthetic and punitive chemicals. Astonishingly, this is an industry that is hugely unregulated and anything labeled “natural” may mean something different. When purchasing such products, paying attention to the listed ingredients can inform you what you are purchasing. CBD oil products provide a natural remedy that efficiently solves all your skin problems and eliminates the exposure to harmful chemicals in traditional skin care products.

  • Helps Solve Other Underlying Problems

Since CBD oil is from a natural source, one shouldn’t worry about it and can directly use it on the skin. Furthermore, its contents provide the skin with other health benefits for a myriad of health conditions. For instance, it can help reduce anxiety, pain, and inflammation on the skin.

  • Reduces Aging

CBD oil products also contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which reduce quick aging of the skin. Once a person uses a CBD oil lotion or related skin product, they should expect a more moisturized, revitalized, and regenerated skin.

  • Treatment of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin condition where the skin cells build up rather rapidly on the epidermis. The accumulation of abnormal skin causes the development of plaques that are scaly and silver, gray, or white. This immune system related condition is majorly attributed to family history, and it’s believed that it is hereditary. Apart from the visible symptoms, psoriasis causes joint swelling and abnormal nails which might crack and sometimes bleed. Approximately 3% of Americans have this skin condition which translates to about 10 million people. Globally, the figure is about 125 million people. Although the infirmity stigmatizes the carriers, it is not contagious.

Since this condition is connected to the immune system, CBD oil is a potential remedy. CBD interacts with the CB1 and CBD2 receptors in the brain to produce a healing effect. The problem with conventional drugs is that they increase the chances of developing infections, diarrhea, fever, and liver problems. CBD oil lotion exclusively deals with the skins inflammation problem, the pain and discomfort without causing any harmful effects. Some studies show that CBD is capable of preventing dead skin buildup and can help in the treatment of psoriasis.

  • CBD Oil for Menstrual Cramps

Unfortunately, for a vast majority of women, cramps are a monthly struggle they have to endure. Some only feel a bit of discomfort while others go through intense uterine pain as well as headaches. While several over the counter pills promise to deal with such pains and discomfort, many women are not overly comfortable using them.

Luckily, CBD oil lotion can be the answer to their quails. In fact, women in the 11th century used a topical mixture of cannabis and lamb fat to create a solution for swollen breasts. Similarly, in the 17th century, women used a cannabis syrup called dysmenine to treat cramps. While these tales don’t provide valid proof of CBD’s action, they do suggest the existence of vast anecdotal evidence. Women in their menstrual cycle who do not prefer pharmaceutical pills can use the available CBD oils, calming body lotions, or consumables to treat pains and cramps.

  • Other Functions

CBD oil can be used together with sun tan to create a healthy sunscreen that protects the skin against UV-A and UV-B rays while preventing aging. One can easily enjoy the sun with this efficient and highly moisturizing lotion.

This cream is safe even for the most sensitive hands. Applying it on the hands before leaving home ensures that they are protected against harsh winter conditions. Your hands will become softer than before since the oil contains vitamin E and linoleic acid which keeps the skin supple at all times.

Creating a Homemade CBD Oil Lotion

Making a homemade lotion is rather simple if you already have your CBD oil. You need to pour your coconut oil or any other rich and heavy oil in a cooking pot. The temperature should be kept low and increase it gently. Afterward, add your CBD oil in the already preheated coconut oil and allow it to simmer for about 1-12 hours. Do not raise the temperatures as it will affect the CBD. It’s advisable that the more the time, the better results one can expect. Since this would be your first time, don’t expect perfect results.

Once you think the oil is ready, you can let it down to cool then filter it. You can as well add other ingredients such as shea butter or beeswax to your CBD oil lotion.

CBD oil is legal in all U.S. states. You can acquire it anytime you wish to create your own CBD oil lotion. In return, you get to enjoy a wide variety of CBD oil benefits for your skin.


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