How Using CBD Products Affects Your Productivity

Productivity is one of those ‘fat’ words. It means different things to different people, but in simple terms, the definition of productivity is the conversion of inputs to useful outputs. If we take this as the basis for our blog, then we need to look at things that can influence productivity both from a negative and positive point of view.

In simple terms, to be productive, one must have the ability to undertake the work, the attitude to want to achieve and the tools and materials to do the job. It makes sense that anything that inhibits these will negatively impact your productivity and vice versa, anything that positively impacts these attributes will increase your productivity.

Some examples of things that can negatively influence productivity are:

Attitude – The adage that productive employees are happy employees is very true.  You do not have to be a rocket scientist to recognize that unhappy staff members are not going to apply themselves to the job and therefore will drag the entire team down by not pulling their weight and making everyone around them discontent as well.

Poor Supervision – Research has shown that when the boss is an idiot who does not keep his or her promises, makes negative or sarcastic comments, does not give praise when they should and blame everyone else for their mistakes, the productivity of the entire team will drop.  Anxiety and absenteeism will rise, and productivity will collapse.

Health Concerns – 40% of American workers experience fatigue that is related to a wide range of both physical as well as mental problems. Health-related absenteeism results are days of lost productivity, and when the person is at work, they are not working at full capacity.  Of the estimated $136 billion that health-related productivity costs the American economy, more than 84% of this is due to reduced productivity rather than absentee days.

Tools and materials – again this is a simple thing to recognize.  If employees are not given the correct tools and materials, they will not be able to carry out the job no matter how motivated they are.

Threats of a lost job – In an attempt to satisfy the accountants, companies enter an ever-decreasing cycle of outsourcing or down-sizing.  While exchanging expensive labor for a cheaper source makes good business sense from an accounting point of view, the effect on the employees left behind is devastating.  The psychological impact on those employees not outsourced or that escape downsizing cannot be minimized and there will be an enormous drop in productivity.

When looking at the factors that affect productivity one of the things that jump out immediately is that all of the factors will contribute greatly to employee stress and employees could well develop anxiety related issues leading to depression.  Treating stress and anxiety with conventional drugs may well lead to drowsiness and impaired concentration which will have an immediate effect on productivity.  Many employees would be very concerned about undergoing treatment for a condition that causes them unhappiness with a treatment regime that caused them to underperform at a higher rate than without it.

Those employees that have chosen to go the holistic medicine route, using CBD, underpinned by psychological therapy will find they are far better able to cope with the stresses and anxiety of difficult working conditions and maintain or raise their productivity levels.


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