Does CBD Help With Irritable Bowel Disease?

When it comes to irritable bowel disease, many trial medications have failed to be a viable aid. This sad trend is mainly the result of the unpredictable nature of the condition. In many cases, the condition has the ability to severely manage your entire organism. Constant trips to the bathroom, sleep problems and much more are associated with IBD. Irritable bowel disease is much more common, but ti doesn’t receive enough attention. The medical community has sadly decided to focus on more pressing matters.

Usually, irritable bowel disease is treated by traditional, licensed medicine. What many people find useless is them is the many allergy triggers. Also, a big number of these medicines is able to have adverse effects on your mind and body. In an act of desperation, many individuals have turned to alternative medicine. In this often misunderstood area of malady exploration, lies a potential cure.

Medical cannabis has been making incredible breakthroughs in recent years. 29 states and Washington DC have legalized this plant. One ingredient in particular has grabbed everyone’s attention. That ingredient is one of the most prominent cannabis compounds – CBD. Exploration in this area was almost non-extistent some years ago, but no more. Research is now in full effect and proof about the beneficial effects of CBD is all over the place.

Amongst these heaps of evidence is one important claim – CBD can cure irritable bowel disease. Before we dissect the whole problematic, let’s take a look at the significance of CBD and what it really is.

The compound – What is CBD anyway?

CBD or cannabidol is one of the 480 chemical compounds appearing in the cannabis plant. Many of you are aware of the existance of canabis through popular culture. That “popular” kind of cannabis is marijuana, a plant whose buds we tend to smoke. It contains another cannabinoid called THC. It’s psychoactive and doesn’t concern us all that much today.

Instead, we’ll be focusing our attention on hemp, marijuana’s non-psychoactive cousin. Hemp’s uses have been documented ever since the ancient times. It’s entire body can be used for the manufacturing of clothes, paper, food and much more. Like marijuana, which contains THC, hemp also has within itself an important cannabinoid. We’re talking about CBD of course.

CBD is a real miracle in the field of medical science. It has shown it can assault almost any disease and bring it to its knees. From severe epilepsy cases to even multiple sclerosis, CBD has been successful everywhere. In battling these conditions, CBD has shown something more than just results. Many people saw hope for the first time in their lives. CBD brought forth no adverse effects and the body accepted it.

All of these result allowed CBD to be tested in yet another area on medicine. By testing it on cases of irritable bowel disease, experts have began seeing proof. Before making a definite conclusion, let’s dissect the functioning of the endocannabinoid system. In it lies the secret to why is CBD so beneficial.

The endocannabinoid system – it can make you or break you

When you hear the word cannabinoid, you think of the cannabis plant, right? Of course, the logic is sound and even the etymology makes sense. But, this so-called logic hides one important fact. That fact is the notion that cannabinoids are produced within our bodies on a daily basis. This is true, believe it or not.

The endocannabinoid system or ECS is an important factor when it comes to processes in our body. It even affects the mind. The natural cannabinoids our body produces are destined to reach the cannabinoid receptors. That path they have to tread is nothing more than being message carriers. By reaching their destination, cannabinoids do so much for our bodies. They regulate pain, memory function, emotions, mood appetite and much, much more. What’s another thing cannabinoids have their hands in? The gastrointestinal tract, of course.

It’s been proven numerous times that a re-modulated endocannabinod system causes IBD. The ECS in a changed-up state is a breeding ground for the pathogenesis of this syndrome. Furthermore, this makes it clear that citing CBD makes perfect sense. Let’s take a look at how exactly CBD beats IBD and prevents it from returning.

How does CBD actually affect irritable bowel disease

CBD is often used in the form of CBD oil. It’s very concentrated and strong, and thus able to have visible effects in very small doses. With its influx of cannabinoids, it balances out the neural signals in the body. Your brain and your intestines have a much more efficient way of communicating now. It is speculated that precisely this lack of communication leads to IBD.

Both mice and human have shown significant symptomatic reduction when given CBD oil. Many pronounced signs of IBD, sich as vomiting, diarrhea and fever have – disappeared. This dramatic turn of events is not so dramatic at all. With CBD, the endocannabinoid system is once again in the right state. Subsequent tests on subjects have shown a drastic increase in immune cells in the gut. This alone shows that inflamation, the chief cause of CBD, is not an option when using CBD. Therefore, it’s safe to say that CBD offers patients a viable and effective cure for  IBD. On top of all the benefits, CBD is 100% proven not to have any adverse effects whatsoever.

What does the future hold

Currently, CBD is legal in almost every part of the North American continent. Studies aren’t so abudant yet due to rising skepticism from the government. However, hope lies in the actions of many private institutions and medical schools.

With the layer proof growing every day, we may se a turn of events soon. Who knows, in a few years, maybe CBD will be used to treat irritable bowel disease as a standard cure. This moment may not be so close, but the medical community is certainly on the right path. We have yet to see what kind of advancements are to be made.


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