CBD’s Benefits Concerning Your Hair – Is There Some Truth to it?

Hair health is a strange part of our lives. Although the way our health looks doesn’t impact our longevity, it does affect our appearance. A couple tens of thousands of strands can add or subtract ten or so years from your look. Therefore, it can be said that there is some importance to the way your hair looks and behaves. If you’re aiming for a youthful look, taking good care of your hair can be all the difference in the world. In terms of overall facility, it can be said that hair care is a complicated facet of medicine.

There are numerous problems that plague the health of our strands, our locks and our scalp. The first and foremost problem most people face is hair loss. Although you can say that some factors accelerate this process, it mostly comes down to genetics. Next up are grease, a lack of volume and dandruff. Numerous are the cures that we can try out, but none seem to work. That is, until a revolutionary natural cure was discovered a decade or so ago.

CBD is the name of your potential scalp savior. Never before has there been a remedy so polarizing, yet so effective. It’s capturing headlines and spotlights all over the world. So, it’s only fitting that we dissect its function, importance and efficiency the best we can. We would like to cover the basic of CBD’s chemical construction, its chemical effects and why is it a good solution. Let’s get to the nitty-gritty.

What is CBD, anyway?

You might have heard the term CBD thrown around, usually in a package with the words “hemp”, “cannabis” and “marijuana”. Such a conundrum can only create further chaos in the public and in the medical community. So, let’s be swift and precise, in order to clear ground for a more meticulous approach.

CBD is a cannabinol, meaning that it’s a compound found in the cannabis plant. You may hear the terms marijuana and hemp associated with it. CBD is located in both marijuana and hemp, which are both sorts of cannabis, the plant we hear so much about.

Marijuana is hemp’s more psychoactive cousin and contains only small amounts of CBD. In fact, those 2% of CBD in it make it unfit for extraction. Hemp is a much better solution, as it contains an abundance of CBD, with little to no psychoactive substances. Therefore, it’s safe to conclude and validate that hemp-extracted CBD oil is safe, efficient and good for your body.

What’s the big deal?

It’s not easy to encompass the significance of such a cure with such a small number of words. CBD, as a cannabinoid, sticks to the cannabinoid receptors inside of your endocannabinoid system. Our body does produce these compounds, but very few of them are strong enough to affect your health.

CBD can do a plethora of things – cure epilepsy, reduce, slow down and eradicate cancer or even affect cerebral paralysis. On top of these serious conditions, CBD affect our hair and scalp as well. Therefore, let’s take a look why is CBD good for your hair and how it does what it does.

CBD – a sturdy conditioning agent

CBD oil can be a used as a wonderfully efficient conditioner for your scalp and hair health. The main reason for that is the high content for vitamin E and fatty acids. These fatty acids get a bad reputation, but in reality – they are the saviors of our hair. By preventing water loss and crusty skin, CBD oil will prevent dandruff and weakened hair roots.

The hair root is one of the most sensitive, yet most overlooked places on the human body. Hair follicles present the base of our strands and can make or break your hairdo. Just by adding a little bit of CBD oil mixed with water, you can ensure a stable scalp that can make your wonderful locks more visible.

Massaging your scalp with CBD

This amazing oil is not just a conditioner, but also something we like to call a saturating oil. By applying it to your hair and scalp, you ensure that blood flow is up to the challenge of keeping your hair fabulous. Blood flow is something that is often shunned, but holds great importance when it comes to hair health.

It has been proven by several prominent studies that scalp massage significantly slows down the process of hair loss. This is true, especially when it comes to people, both men and women, who have a genetic predisposition to lose hair. If you see some starting signs of hair loss, CBD oil can greatly help in halting the process.

Strengthening your strands

Every hair strand must possess these three characteristics in order to be deemed healthy – strength, flexibility and shininess. If one of these traits is missing, your look will take a hit and you may experience hair health problems. What is the root of brittle hair or easily breakable strands? The answer to this question is malnutrition, of course.

Adding CBD oil to your shampoo mix can bring your dead and forgotten strands to life. CBD as a substance directly feeds the hair and gives it volume and strength. No more fearing or being careful when you want to tie a ponytail. CBD oil indubitably proves to be the best and purest solution to aid your hair and scalp.

Is CBD oil good for me? Can I fail a drug test?

CBD has been clinically tested over and over again, over the course of the last two decades. Both humans and animals have only experienced positive side effects, even at larger and more potent doses. Therefore, there is no need to worry.

When it comes to failing a drug test when using CBD oil for your hair – it’s simply impossible. Drug tests only look for THC, a substance found in marijuana that makes you high. CBD oil contains no such thing and is safe to use, making your mind clear and hair healthy.


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