CBD Oil in Lowering Appetite

Does CBD or cannabidiol possess the ability to control your appetite, quashing your anxiety, and protecting your brain and heart? User feedback supporting CBD’s ability to offer a series of health benefits including the above has increased the demand for products containing CBD oil exponentially.

Recently we saw FDA tag CBD as a Schedule 1, illegal drug. However, still, it is sold and used widely in states that have legalized use of medical cannabis. There are also companies that are shipping CBD across the state lines. The only reason behind such high popularity of CBD is its ability to improve the health of people taking it. In this article, we would discuss cannabidiol’s ability to promote weight loss by suppressing appetite.

About CBD and its working procedure

The compound CBD belongs to the cannabis family. The biggest advantage of CBD is that it works keeping the users in a non-psychoactive state. This separates it from the other widely used component of THC, which leads people to a psychoactive state when working. Are you wondering how this difference affects the users? The CBD-rich strains of cannabis, unlike the THC rich strains, will allow you to enjoy different health benefits of the herb without leaving you on a high.

Every human body is home to a system called the Endocannabinoid system or ECS. The ECS is basically a system comprised of a series of endogenous cannabinoid receptors found in mammalian brains as well as all through the peripheral and central nervous systems of mammals. The primary function of the ECS is regulating various chemicals and assisting our body in staying in a balanced state (medical experts refer to this state as homeostasis). By consuming CBD oil, you will allow the compounds present in it to work alongside the ECS for regulating those chemicals.

This ability of CBD allows it to offer a series of health benefits besides lowering your appetite and reducing your body weight. It can be a remedy for a migraine attack, chronic pain, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease, motor disorders, breast cancer, antibiotic resistant infections, anxiety, depression, etc. However, this article would only highlight its role as a remedy for weight loss and appetite suppressant.

CBD suppresses your appetite and helps you lose weight

CBD oil is an amazing weight loss remedy. Consumption of the oil works by stimulating proteins, which in turn increases the rate of breakdown and oxidation of excess fat stored in our system. The active compounds in CBD oil assist our body in increasing the concentration of cellular mitochondria and also improve their activity. These changes allow us to burn additional calories in a given period of time.

Consuming suggested doses of CBD on a regular basis would also reduce the rate of occurrence of a physiological process called lipogenesis. For those who don’t know, lipogenesis involves the production of proteins responsible for the creation of various lipid compounds.

One factor that plays a huge role in making cannabidiol oil a highly effective weight loss remedy is its ability to trigger a procedure known as “fat browning”. CBD works by transforming the white adipose tissues stored in the human body into brown adipose tissues. Brown adipose tissues help us in burning more energy compared to the white tissues, which are more prone to storage and generally get stored.

CBD consumption also helps in increasing metabolism in human body. It is a known fact that an increase in metabolism helps us in burning more calories than the amount consumed by us.

When treated with CBD, all the above changes taking place in your body would coincide with a suppressed appetite. As a result, you will need to eat lesser calories for feeling full. So, with a high metabolic rate, you will succeed in losing more calories than you consume pretty easily. This would promote weight loss automatically and help you in reaching your desired body weight pretty quickly.

Here, it must be mentioned that people looking to lose weight with cannabis shouldn’t mistakenly start consuming THC rich strains of the herb. That’s because THC is known for increasing the user’s appetite significantly by stimulating his or her ghrelin receptors. For those who don’t know, the ghrelin receptors are located on the vagus nerves inside our gastrointestinal tract. Ghrelin, which is commonly referred to as “hunger hormone”, is a naturally-occurring agent. Once the ghrelin receptors get activated, our nerves start sending messages to our brain demanding food.

CBD oil is known for its ability to block the actions of THC. As a result, the oil is also capable of blocking THC’s ability to stimulate the ghrelin receptors. Studies have also found that CBD is capable of preventing ghrelin from becoming active. That is the reason CBD is such an effective appetite suppressant.

A word of caution

Like every good thing, use of CBD or its oil for losing weight also demands a certain level of caution from the users. You will definitely lose weight if you consume CBD oil in lower doses. However, the reverse can happen if you end up consuming more CBD that the doses recommended to you; taking too much of the oil can result in weight gain. There are several studies conducted round the world confirm this fact. This happens because the excess CBD will have a greater impact on your endocannabinoid system than what is required.

Research supporting CBD’s ability to suppress appetite

A 2012 study conducted by British scientists representing the University of Reading revealed that certain cannabinoids might help in suppressing appetite. During the study, the British researchers assessed the effects of three different cannabinoids on a group of male rats. The three cannabinoids tested during the study were cannabidiol or CBD, cannabigerol or CBG, and cannabinol or CBN.

The effects of these three compounds on the appetite of the rats were different. However, CBN was the only cannabinoid that increased the appetite of the participating animals.

CBD was found to have exactly the opposite effect; it acted as a perfect appetite suppressant. Unlike other rats participating in the study, the ones receiving doses of CBD didn’t eat enough during the study period.


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