CBD Oil for Pets – Why it’s the Best Choice for your Four-Legged Friend

When it comes to CBD, we’re entering a very volatile branch of medicine. Always, when we’re talking about marijuana-related benefits, it tends to turn into a heated debate. People tend to throw their own interest and opinions around, with no regard for others. Personal convictions are perfectly fine in any situation, but they’re just the mere surface of the problematic. When talking about CBD, we need to take a look at the benefits.

This amazing and wondrous compound is a natural alternative to many medicines. CBD has been studied on humans for a few years now, with great success. If we’re able to help ourselves so efficiently, why don’t we share these benefits with our companions?

CBD oil has shown equally amazing effects in dogs and other animal species. They don’t differ much from us and can suffer from the same conditions that plague us. This also means that they too don’t handle artificial medications very well. With that being said, we have a responsibility to provide them with the best popular care.

In that search, CBD oil comes off as the obvious answer to the quandary. That’s why it’s of the utmost importance to share knowledge about this quintessential natural remedy. By administering it your dog, you will prolong and better the life of your best friend. Let’s take a look at how does CBD work.

What is CBD, anyway?

CBD is a natural occurring substance. It can be classified as a cannabinoid, a compound occurring within the cannabis plant. Aside from its health benefits, cannabis is highly publicized by its recreational use throughout the world. CBD can be found in the help plant, but not in the marijuana plant. What’s the difference anyway?

It’s pretty easy. Marijuana the sort of cannabis which is low in CBD, but abundant with THC, CBD’s psychoactive and volatile cousin. Hemp is the polar opposite. It contains a lot of CBD, with very low amounts of THC. When making CBD oil, it’s usually extracted only from the hemp plant.

What does that mean? Well, it means that CBD oil is not psychoactive, not even one bit. Since it contains little to no THC, it can’t make you how nor alter your mind state. It works a mild relaxant when taken. Aside from the relaxation part, CBD oil has a plethora of beneficial effects on the body.

Your pet will live a different life with the aid of this natural malady eradicator. Since animals have shorter life spans and smaller bodies, CBD is up to ten times more effective than with humans. Effective in doing what, exactly? Let’s take a look.

Why CBD?

CBD latches itself onto the cannabinoid receptors. These small cell membrane receptors are naturally modeled to be able to receive cannabinoid molecules. Like humans, dogs, cats and other animals also have the endocannabinoid system within themselves.

When the molecules successfully reach their destination, your pet will be ready to feel and experience the benefits of this remedy. What problems does CBD even cure in pets exclusively? A good question nevertheless. Let’s take a glance at some of CBDs wonders.

Prevents nausea

Many dogs and cats have a very sensitive esophagus. It can literally be irritate by anything. Because it happens so often, these animals are often given medications. After some time, the adverse effects of these medications become evident. CBD provides the animal with a safe an natural alternative.

Treats anxiety

 There were several studies run on adopted dogs that have lived through severe trauma. After a traumatic upbringing and early months of life, some dogs are able to suffer immensely their whole life. When they were given CBD, they experienced permanent improvement. They were finally able to relax.

Arthritis symptoms

Dogs and cats aren’t very different from us. When they get old, they can get arthritis too. Even more than us, they can feel immense strain and pain within their joints. Many arthritis medicines contain dangerous ingredients and are inhumane for animals. CBD is able to mend the neural connections within the joints themselves. Elderly dogs and cats have a chance to walk normally.

Cancer Removal

CBD has several atomic combinations within itself that kill of tumor cells. They cause them literally to go insane and commit suicide. There are several prominent theories about the capabilities of CBD oil molecules when battling cancer cells. The leading one is that CBD severs communication between mutated cells. That way, your dog can live many more years.

Cancer prevention

CBD oil can really enhance your immune system. A healthy immune system allows your pet to eradicate any mutated cells at once. Administering a drop or two of CBD may just be the ultimate layer of protection against any tumor-like growths or appearances. CBD, with its immune-fortifying options, is the better alternative to dangerous radiation therapy.

How to give your pet CBD oil? Are there any risks?

Like with humans, you can use one of two possible ways – oral application or topical application. Of course, with your pet, applying the oil to the skin may be a little bit more difficult. Either way, it will quickly be absorbed and reduce any possibilities of failure. You don’t have to violently administer it neither. Many pet-oriented CBD products smell really lovely to them.

When it comes to risks, there simply aren’t any. CBD oil has essentially been stripped of any bad side effects whatsoever. It’s impossible to overdose on it and you don’t even need much to help your pet. A few drops are just enough. If you overdo it, don’t worry, the benefits will all be magnified.

How Widely available is CBD for pets?

The best thing about CBD, aside from all of its health benefits, is its availability. You can get it even in countries where both medical and medicinal marijuana are illegal. It doesn’t fall into the same category. You can get it anywhere and use it anywhere. That is just the cherry on top of all the reason why you should choose CBD oil as the medication for your pet.


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