CBD oil for hair loss – does it work? If yes – then how?

CBD oil, or hemp oil, is a natural product of the cannabis plant. Every single member of the Cannabis genus may produce this oil, but the hemp-produced one is the best. CBD oil is usually made from industrial hemp precisely because it’s grown for that. This utilitarian hemp variety is known for its applications in various branches of industry. It’s specially grown, without any psychedelic properties whatsoever. Hemp is high in CBD and low in THC.

Marijuana is different than hemp, being just the opposite – low in CBD, but high in THC. This is why CBD oil is extracted from hemp. Without any THC, this beneficial oil can be used for all kinds of medical treatments. It’s important to know that the limit for THC is 0.3% for CBD oils. Such a small percent isn’t even noticed by our bodies or drug tests.

With all its health benefits, CBD oil is the star of the natural remedy cosmos. In the midst of all that, there is a beneficial effect we would like to explore a little further. That effect is based around the claims that CBD oil has beneficial properties for treating hair loss.

So, the big questions arise: Does CBD really work? How fast does it make hair grow? Are there any adverse effects from it? Will I fail a drug test at work? These are all legitimate inquires and concerns. Let’s a take look at them and settle the matter once and for all – is CBD oils a legit hair loss treatment?

The origin of CBD oil being good for hair loss

Such claims have only been a thing in recent years. Since the inception of the concept of medicinal marijuana, more and more money is given to researchers. Because of that, the beneficial properties of CBD oil are becoming known only now. It’s never too late, as research is going better than ever.

Why did it take so long? Well, the answer to that question is complex. Hemp is still outright banned in some places, with almost no hope of legalization. Despite this, lobbyists around the world advocate for the use of hemp.

Things are looking brighter because of these medicinal marijuana and hemp studies. People tend to turn their heads around when they hear the phrase “saves lives”. But it just might save your hair and youthful look.

Use of CBD oil as a conditioner

The first step when combating hair loss is preventing it from going on or just slowing it down. CBD oil may be the absolute perfect choice for such endeavors. First of all, it’s high in vitamin E and many valuable fatty acids. This vitamin E-fatty acid combo has a powerful softening effect.

By making the scalp more flexible and softer, the root of every single strand is stronger. When the roots of your hair grow stronger, hair loss is going to be less severe and less frequent.  Therefore, due to a combination of vitamins and fats, CBD oil can be used for hair loss.

Furthermore, the oil is a stellar natural moisturizing agent. It boosts the health of the scalp, the necessary basis for a healthy and stable hairdo. Without a strong scalp, preventing hair loss simply isn’t possible. CBD oil is also stupendous when it comes to shoring up the matrix in the intercellular space. It not only moisturizes tissue, it helps is retain it.

If you’re not sure about the oil itself, a good start would be buying a product with the extract of CBD oil. If it works, you may well pass on to the real thing. Its benefits are too great to be contained in a shampoo bottle.

The science behinds the hair loss benefits of CBD oil

When talking about CBD oil, we must first dissect the fatty acids it contains. The three most prominent ones are the omega-3, omega-6 and the omega-9 acids. Recent European research has proven that these three acids combined create a unique growth burst.

Another thing to pay attention is the keratin within the hair. Keratin is consisted out of 90% protein. CBD oil steps in as a key player in maintaining hair strength and helping it grow further. How does CBD oil promote growth, you ask? Well, it’s simple. The fatty acids improve the quality of the tissue on the scalp.

By improving the tissue, CBD oil promotes a better blood flow in the area. A better circulation ensures that follicles expand quicker than ever. So, CBD oil really does attack the hair loss condition from multiple sides.

What the future holds

CBD oil is an excellent, natural solution for many medical conditions. It has been proven to reduce cancer growth, promote hair growth, improves your mood and many other things. Proving that CBD oil is a good hair loss product has been significant views.

Because of that, people will begin choosing it over artificial medications. Many hair loss creams and gels cause severe irritations. In order to help fix your hair problems, CBD oil works in three ways:

  • Stimulates hair growth by improving circulation
  • Uses fatty acids to moisturizes and heals a damaged scalp
  • Adds fortitude to the strands by proliferating the protein within the hair

Can using CBD oil for fixing hair loss cause me to fail a drug test?

The answer is – no. CBD oil has no way of showing on a drug test. In fact, all the standardized test don’t even look for it. When people say they were tested for marijuana, they mean they were tested for THC, a different cannabinol from CBD. Additionally, hemp has no psychoactive substances due to a lack of THC.

CBD oil is extracted from hemp, which cannot contain more than 0.3% THC. Such low readings don’t appear on a drug test. Because of this, you may treat your hair loss freely. No test or law is restricting you from getting the natural care you need. A natural remedy is something that we all deserve. CBD oil is the future.


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