CBD for Seniors

Marijuana legalization is at its most magnificent age. Activist groups, scientists and brilliant minds all over the world are advocating for the introduction of this amazing plant into the legal circle. Misconceptions are slowly fading away, as we are entering an age of education, information and curiosity. No law in this world can prevent people from looking for an ideal medication for their health problems. This is why the marijuana movement is gaining traction quicker than ever.

An important reason for this occurrence is the unsuitability of conventional medication. More often than not, there are next to no any natural ingredients whatsoever. Because of this plethora of unnatural ingredients, patients generally experience adverse effects. It’s like one step forward and two steps back for many people, notably senior citizens.

Seniors are generally of more frail health and, therefore, have to take an increased number of medication. They are also more sensitive to these chemical compounds and are prone to suffering because of those side-effects. Because of this, one particular cannabinoid has shown a distinct ability to be a do-it-all medication, with every single atom coming from a natural source.

Let’s take a look at the significance of CBD for senior citizens. You’re probably heard about the research conducted with CBD, but all that is even more true in the case of seniors. It could be an excellent gateway to a pleasant old age, with as little health problems as possible.

1. Pain relief

Out of all the compounds in marijuana, CBD is the most miraculous when it comes to dealing with pain and just about any health issues. Do it a deteriorating organism, seniors are sadly always under constant stress because of the pain they feel. With more and more seniors turning towards CBD, conventional main meds are seemingly useless.

CBD binds itself to the endocannabinoid receptors, completely preventing the transmission of the pain receptors’ signal towards the brain. This alleviates the pain and instantly allows you to become more active and additionally boost your health. It’s a benefit that leads to other benefits as well.

2. Skeletal health

A known problem that plagues people of an older age is the frail state of the bones. As years pass by, it’s far more difficult for the body to absorb and use calcium, which leads to bones being weaker. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case, according to one recent study concerning the effects of CBD on bone health.

In the study, it’s clearly stated that both athletes and senior citizens alike healed much faster when taking CBD. It clearly accelerates the rate at which our bones regenerated and the production of new cells to heal the fracture at hand.

3. A soothing influence

It’s been shown by multiple studies that CBD oil, just like many essential oils, can promote a soothing effect in our mind. However, this calmness isn’t the notion that CBD turns you into a couch potato. The soothing influence refers to the fact that all stress goes away, leaving you with much more energy to begin with.

This also goes hand in hand with another amazing property of CBD – the antioxidant value. It’s been said that free radicals affect the way we calm ourselves down. You’re in luck because CBD has better antioxidant values than many renowned vitamins and minerals.

4. Battles glaucoma

Many senior citizens often face the challenges of glaucoma. It’s a nasty neurodegenerative disease which is characterized by a loss of neurons that connect the eye with the brain. Cannabis has been known to treat this condition for some time now, but many seniors dislike the “high” feeling that inhaling THC gives you. Therefore, CBD can be hailed as a savior.

CBD has been proven to decrease intraocular pressure, which is a factor that affects the way the eye registers light in these conditions. CBD also works as an excellent pain relief medication, making your life much more comfortable than it was before.

5. Defeats insomnia

It’s been scientifically proven that the older we get, the more difficult it is to establish a healthy and uninterrupted sleep pattern. Besides, the phrase “to sleep like a baby” isn’t without a reason. Furthermore, insomnia at an older age can be caused by other conditions. These health problems can be solved by the influence of CBD, something that your body will welcome with open arms.

Sleeping pills pose a great threat to the other parts of the organism. Why take something completely chemical-based and artificial when you have an effective, cheap and natural medication at your disposal?

6. A better choice than prescription drugs

Prescription drugs are one of the main causes of addiction all over the world. In a desperate attempt to get rid of their maladies, people tend to turn to prescription medications. This doesn’t solve the problem, it masks it and prevents both the mind and body from arriving to the right destination. However, CBD may just be the ticket out of here.

Marijuana based meds are always safer than conventional ones, especially when it comes to addiction and overdosing issues. You can up the quantity of the CBD oil you’re taking, without any consequences whatsoever. This isn’t the case with prescription meds.

7. Increases appetite

A decreased appetite can be something which can disrupt the lives of everyone. Although it may seem like something harmless, it can quickly develop into more serious conditions like anorexia, tissue weakness, severe weight loss and even mental issues. Appetite enhancing drugs are often filled with chances of adverse effects.

However, CBD can quickly turn things around if you’re feeling unwilling to eat something. It will make your health and immune system even stronger.

8. Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Marijuana can indeed slow down and prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s. At the helm of all the cannabinoids, we find CBD as the most fitting candidate to fortify your mental health.

This can mean the world to you at a later age, especially if you start with the therapy at a young age. Just a few drops of CBD oil can rejuvenate your brain and improve your life drastically. It’s a remedy worth trying out.


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