When it comes to CBD, we’re entering a very volatile branch of medicine. Always, when we’re talking about marijuana-related benefits, it tends to turn into a heated debate. People tend to throw their own interest and opinions around, with no regard for others. Personal convictions are perfectly fine in any situation, but they’re just the mere surface of the problematic. When talking about CBD, we need to take a look at the benefits.

This amazing and wondrous compound is a natural alternative to many medicines. CBD has been studied on humans for a few years now, with great success. If we’re able to help ourselves so efficiently, why don’t we share these benefits with our companions?

CBD oil has shown equally amazing effects in dogs and other animal species. They don’t differ much from us and can suffer from the same conditions that plague us. This also means that they too don’t handle artificial medications very well. With that being said, we have a responsibility to provide them with the best popular care.

In that search, CBD oil comes off as the obvious answer to the quandary. That’s why it’s of the utmost importance to share knowledge about this quintessential natural remedy. By administering it your dog, you will prolong and better the life of your best friend. Let’s take a look at how does CBD work.

What is CBD, anyway?

CBD is a natural occurring substance. It can be classified as a cannabinoid, a compound occurring within the cannabis plant. Aside from its health benefits, cannabis is highly publicized by its recreational use throughout the world. CBD can be found in the help plant, but not in the marijuana plant. What’s the difference anyway?

It’s pretty easy. Marijuana the sort of cannabis which is low in CBD, but abundant with THC, CBD’s psychoactive and volatile cousin. Hemp is the polar opposite. It contains a lot of CBD, with very low amounts of THC. When making CBD oil, it’s usually extracted only from the hemp plant.

What does that mean? Well, it means that CBD oil is not psychoactive, not even one bit. Since it contains little to no THC, it can’t make you how nor alter your mind state. It works a mild relaxant when taken. Aside from the relaxation part, CBD oil has a plethora of beneficial effects on the body.

Your pet will live a different life with the aid of this natural malady eradicator. Since animals have shorter life spans and smaller bodies, CBD is up to ten times more effective than with humans. Effective in doing what, exactly? Let’s take a look.

Why CBD?

CBD latches itself onto the cannabinoid receptors. These small cell membrane receptors are naturally modeled to be able to receive cannabinoid molecules. Like humans, dogs, cats and other animals also have the endocannabinoid system within themselves.

When the molecules successfully reach their destination, your pet will be ready to feel and experience the benefits of this remedy. What problems does CBD even cure in pets exclusively? A good question nevertheless. Let’s take a glance at some of CBDs wonders.

Prevents nausea

Many dogs and cats have a very sensitive esophagus. It can literally be irritate by anything. Because it happens so often, these animals are often given medications. After some time, the adverse effects of these medications become evident. CBD provides the animal with a safe an natural alternative.

Treats anxiety

 There were several studies run on adopted dogs that have lived through severe trauma. After a traumatic upbringing and early months of life, some dogs are able to suffer immensely their whole life. When they were given CBD, they experienced permanent improvement. They were finally able to relax.

Arthritis symptoms 

Dogs and cats aren’t very different from us. When they get old, they can get arthritis too. Even more than us, they can feel immense strain and pain within their joints. Many arthritis medicines contain dangerous ingredients and are inhumane for animals. CBD is able to mend the neural connections within the joints themselves. Elderly dogs and cats have a chance to walk normally.

Cancer Removal

CBD has several atomic combinations within itself that kill of tumor cells. They cause them literally to go insane and commit suicide. There are several prominent theories about the capabilities of CBD oil molecules when battling cancer cells. The leading one is that CBD severs communication between mutated cells. That way, your dog can live many more years.

Cancer prevention

CBD oil can really enhance your immune system. A healthy immune system allows your pet to eradicate any mutated cells at once. Administering a drop or two of CBD may just be the ultimate layer of protection against any tumor-like growths or appearances. CBD, with its immune-fortifying options, is the better alternative to dangerous radiation therapy.

How to give your pet CBD oil? Are there any risks?

Like with humans, you can use one of two possible ways – oral application or topical application. Of course, with your pet, applying the oil to the skin may be a little bit more difficult. Either way, it will quickly be absorbed and reduce any possibilities of failure. You don’t have to violently administer it neither. Many pet-oriented CBD products smell really lovely to them.

When it comes to risks, there simply aren’t any. CBD oil has essentially been stripped of any bad side effects whatsoever. It’s impossible to overdose on it and you don’t even need much to help your pet. A few drops are just enough. If you overdo it, don’t worry, the benefits will all be magnified.

How Widely available is CBD for pets?

The best thing about CBD, aside from all of its health benefits, is its availability. You can get it even in countries where both medical and medicinal marijuana are illegal. It doesn’t fall into the same category. You can get it anywhere and use it anywhere. That is just the cherry on top of all the reason why you should choose CBD oil as the medication for your pet.



As the request for cannabinoid products keeps growing on the market, so does curiosity. One of the most popular such products is the cannabidiol (CBD) oil extract. Its verified health-boosting properties keep garnering customers all around. The question that many have is related to its consumption. “Is it better to take the oil before, or after a meal?” The answer is simple, yet complicated.

First of all, cannabidiol oil is definitely taken with food. The answer, however, has many questions of its own. In order to answer these, we need to understand the digestive process of a human body.

When CBD oil is ingested in any of its oral forms, it first reaches the stomach. During digestion, drugs turn out to be less effective than expected, for one reason. Let’s dig into it.


Bio-availability, as its name suggests, is the amount in which a consumed substance becomes available to the body. Simply put, bio-availability is the amount and rate at which the fraction of a consumed drug reaches the systemic circulation from its point of absorption. Everything that enters our circulation from the stomach is first digested. Digestion usually slows and diminishes the bio-availability of any drug, such as CBD oil in this case.

The issue is in between consumption and the oil’s integration into the system. In other words, the main culprit for the reduced effectiveness of any drug is presystemic metabolism. Before any substance enters the body, it has to go through the liver and pass the gut wall. The liver then lowers its bio-availability by turning a selected amount of the drug into metabolites.

The enzymes of the gut wall and the gastrointestinal lumen, as well as bacterial and hepatic enzymes help the liver in this process. Scientists thus decided to experiment with many kinds of digestible substances, in order to increase bio-availability. They found out that fatty acids can help whatever is co-absorbed with them to bypass some of the metabolism.

In conclusion, this means that CBD oil has a greater effect when taken with foods that contain various fatty acids. Examples include but are not restricted to: fish, nuts, grapes, marjoram, spinach, soy, eggs and milk.

Breaking The Myth

Some websites suggest that taking CBD oil on an empty stomach can bolster its effect. In theory, this does sound plausible. However, the fact that it will enter the body faster does not imply high quantity. Yes, the oil will take significantly less time to reach absorption, but no, it won’t help you as much.

The much better way to increase the effectiveness of CBD oil is to consume it with the mentioned fatty acids. Unlike taking it on an empty stomach, consuming it with fatty acids will ensure that a vast amount of it doesn’t turn into metabolites.

In case you were wondering, CBD oil doesn’t actually contribute in its metabolite form. Yes, some of the one-hundred plus different metabolites that come from it may slightly improve metabolism, but that’s pretty much it. Fact is that the body doesn’t use more than about a half of them.

A recent study tested just how much more effective CBD oil is when taken after a meal. The results went further than expected, and showed an increase of 400% in comparison to pre-digestion consumption.

CBD Oil Consumption Types

The majority of CBD oil consumers rely on capsules in order to ingest the extract. However, there are numerous other ways of absorbing the substance into your system. Most of them, in fact, are much more effective than the popular method.

One would think that other consumption types don’t have that much to do with eating a meal, but that’s also a myth. Digestion is a process that influences the entire body in various ways, some of which influence all types of drug activity.

For example, sublingual injection of CBD oil still greatly relies on the body’s metabolic activity. When taking CBD oil sublingually, the extract is placed in liquid form under the tongue. This way, the mouth’s mucous membranes absorb it and deliver it directly into the bloodstream. The problem in this specific scenario is that some of the oil is naturally swallowed.

Having a liquid substance in your mouth without swallowing it still means that some of it will enter the stomach. After approximately 90 seconds, the mouth itself begins to drain the liquid down the esophagus. The swallowed CBD oil then goes through the digestion process, just as it would in the encapsulated form.

There are still more ways of taking CBD oil, and the liver’s activity is excluded for most of them. In that case, it is better to take the extract before the meal.

Taking Advantage Of Peak Concentration

Those that take CBD oil intravenously, for example, need to pay attention to their body’s activity. When digesting, the body uses a lot of its energy to enhance this process. This means that whatever is in the bloodstream will take time to achieve its effectiveness.

If CBD oil is injected via a syringe, it of course bypasses entire digestion and bioavailability factors. Then again, its peak concentration will face a delay of approximately four hours, if food is ingested. Peak concentration refers to the amount of the injected drug in one of the bloodstream’s compartments.

In other words, eating right before or after injecting the extract will delay its time of efficacy. In these scenarios, it’s better to take the drug way before or after food consumption.

Time It Right

Whenever taking any form of CBD oil, remember to do so in accordance with your body. As explained, different types of CBD oil requires different times of bodily activity. Oral consumption depends on digestion, but other ones do not.

In the end, do not be mistaken – CBD oil will work anyway. These tips are there only to help you benefit from it in the highest possible amount. In conclusion, those who bolster the efficiency of their medicine will achieve health in a shorter amount of time.



CBD oil, or hemp oil, is a natural product of the cannabis plant. Every single member of the Cannabis genus may produce this oil, but the hemp-produced one is the best. CBD oil is usually made from industrial hemp precisely because it’s grown for that. This utilitarian hemp variety is known for its applications in various branches of industry. It’s specially grown, without any psychedelic properties whatsoever. Hemp is high in CBD and low in THC.

Marijuana is different than hemp, being just the opposite – low in CBD, but high in THC. This is why CBD oil is extracted from hemp. Without any THC, this beneficial oil can be used for all kinds of medical treatments. It’s important to know that the limit for THC is 0.3% for CBD oils. Such a small percent isn’t even noticed by our bodies or drug tests.

With all its health benefits, CBD oil is the star of the natural remedy cosmos. In the midst of all that, there is a beneficial effect we would like to explore a little further. That effect is based around the claims that CBD oil has beneficial properties for treating hair loss.

So, the big questions arise: Does CBD really work? How fast does it make hair grow? Are there any adverse effects from it? Will I fail a drug test at work? These are all legitimate inquires and concerns. Let’s a take look at them and settle the matter once and for all – is CBD oils a legit hair loss treatment?

The origin of CBD oil being good for hair loss

Such claims have only been a thing in recent years. Since the inception of the concept of medicinal marijuana, more and more money is given to researchers. Because of that, the beneficial properties of CBD oil are becoming known only now. It’s never too late, as research is going better than ever.

Why did it take so long? Well, the answer to that question is complex. Hemp is still outright banned in some places, with almost no hope of legalization. Despite this, lobbyists around the world advocate for the use of hemp.

Things are looking brighter because of these medicinal marijuana and hemp studies. People tend to turn their heads around when they hear the phrase “saves lives”. But it just might save your hair and youthful look.

Use of CBD oil as a conditioner

The first step when combating hair loss is preventing it from going on or just slowing it down. CBD oil may be the absolute perfect choice for such endeavors. First of all, it’s high in vitamin E and many valuable fatty acids. This vitamin E-fatty acid combo has a powerful softening effect.

By making the scalp more flexible and softer, the root of every single strand is stronger. When the roots of your hair grow stronger, hair loss is going to be less severe and less frequent.  Therefore, due to a combination of vitamins and fats, CBD oil can be used for hair loss.

Furthermore, the oil is a stellar natural moisturizing agent. It boosts the health of the scalp, the necessary basis for a healthy and stable hairdo. Without a strong scalp, preventing hair loss simply isn’t possible. CBD oil is also stupendous when it comes to shoring up the matrix in the intercellular space. It not only moisturizes tissue, it helps is retain it.

If you’re not sure about the oil itself, a good start would be buying a product with the extract of CBD oil. If it works, you may well pass on to the real thing. Its benefits are too great to be contained in a shampoo bottle.

The science behinds the hair loss benefits of CBD oil

When talking about CBD oil, we must first dissect the fatty acids it contains. The three most prominent ones are the omega-3, omega-6 and the omega-9 acids. Recent European research has proven that these three acids combined create a unique growth burst.

Another thing to pay attention is the keratin within the hair. Keratin is consisted out of 90% protein. CBD oil steps in as a key player in maintaining hair strength and helping it grow further. How does CBD oil promote growth, you ask? Well, it’s simple. The fatty acids improve the quality of the tissue on the scalp.

By improving the tissue, CBD oil promotes a better blood flow in the area. A better circulation ensures that follicles expand quicker than ever. So, CBD oil really does attack the hair loss condition from multiple sides.

What the future holds

CBD oil is an excellent, natural solution for many medical conditions. It has been proven to reduce cancer growth, promote hair growth, improves your mood and many other things. Proving that CBD oil is a good hair loss product has been significant views.

Because of that, people will begin choosing it over artificial medications. Many hair loss creams and gels cause severe irritations. In order to help fix your hair problems, CBD oil works in three ways:

  • Stimulates hair growth by improving circulation
  • Uses fatty acids to moisturizes and heals a damaged scalp
  • Adds fortitude to the strands by proliferating the protein within the hair

Can using CBD oil for fixing hair loss cause me to fail a drug test?

The answer is – no. CBD oil has no way of showing on a drug test. In fact, all the standardized test don’t even look for it. When people say they were tested for marijuana, they mean they were tested for THC, a different cannabinol from CBD. Additionally, hemp has no psychoactive substances due to a lack of THC.

CBD oil is extracted from hemp, which cannot contain more than 0.3% THC. Such low readings don’t appear on a drug test. Because of this, you may treat your hair loss freely. No test or law is restricting you from getting the natural care you need. A natural remedy is something that we all deserve. CBD oil is the future.


Has your ‘get up and go’ got up and left? Are you feeling tired and a little out of sorts? Is your body crying out for some TLC? Well, then it’s time to consider a detox.

We live in a toxic world and pretty much everything we breathe, touch, or eat has the potential to poison our bodies with harmful chemicals and substances. There are toxins in our water and food because of pesticides, herbicides, MSGs, preservatives, and chemicals. There are toxins in the air from pollution and other environmental poisons and of course, there are toxins in the products we use to clean our homes, and ourselves. This is why we need to detox on a regular basis.

There are a lot of products and diets that help with detoxing. From our experience some are delicious and an absolute pleasure to follow while others just seem too uncomfortable to even try. What is constant though is that for the most part,  almost all detox programs have to do with nutrition.

But what exactly is a detox and does it work? Let’s start off by saying it absolutely works. It’s one of the most effective ways to give your body the boost it desperately needs and it’s very easy.

What is a Detox?

By its very nature, your body is detoxing machine. Your liver works to filter your blood to get rid of unwanted substances, eliminating them through your digestive system and intestines until they end up getting flushed down the toilet, Your respiratory system expels waste products and toxins through the air we breathe. Even your skin does its bit, by perspiring and getting rid of heavy metals and other waste that your body doesn’t need and can do without.

Without lifting a finger your body is detoxing around the clock, 24/7, 365. This, of course, raises the question – if my body is detoxing on its own why do I have to do it too? The quick and easy answer is our modern diets contain so many chemicals and preservatives, most of which our body can’t break down naturally, on its own.

This is the reason we need to include a detox program into our routine that focuses on getting rid of harmful chemicals, toxins, and organisms from our bodies while cleansing vitals organs such as the colon, liver, and kidneys.

There are different ways to detox so it’s best to find a program that works for you. This way you’ll stick to it, and it’ll become a part of your lifestyle rather than a quick-fix you use every now and again. One of the more popular ways to detox is with Cannabidiol or CBD, which is what this article focuses on.

What is Cannabidiol

There are two main types of cannabis plants: hemp and marijuana. Cannabidiol is a prevalent chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. However, unlike the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) molecule, CBD is nonpsychoactive. Cannabidiol or CBD comes from hemp and studies confirm it makes you healthy, not high. Also, it is effective, safe and most importantly, it’s legal. There are no reactions to CBD, no toxicity, and no interactions.

The reason so much attention is being paid to CBD at the moment is that of all its health benefits. It works with our endocannabinoid system, the primary controller for all our body’s systems, which means it’s essential for fine-tuning, regulating and maintaining good health.

Cannabidiol for the longest time was overlooked because medical professionals and the public spent time focusing on bad brother THC and all its effects. However, that is changing and more people are starting to use this ‘miracle’ plant for a wide variety of health issues.

It is usually used by patients in an oil form. CBD has a number of effects on your body and preclinical trials over the last 40 or so years have shown it can be used as:

  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antidepressant
  • Neuroprotectant
  • Anti-psychotic
  • Anti-tumoral agent
  • Anagelsic
  • Anxiolytic


We’ve already mentioned that detoxing is an important part of our modern lifestyles. Even if we followed a 100% organic diet we are still bombarded with synthetic toxins and chemicals all around us.

CBD, amongst other things, is a powerful anti-inflammatory, which is why it’s become such a popular part of detoxing programs. It also protects, restores and enhances.

  • It protects by mobilizing all the essential organs and preventing further damage.
  • It restores by helping the body make the necessary corrections during the detox program. It replaces vitamins, stops toxins, restores the gut and optimizes health.
  • It enhances the kidneys and by getting rid of unwanted toxins.
  • It also helps with symptom control including anxiety, pain, irritable bowel, and insomnia.

When our body experiences high levels of inflammation it ends up working harder to reduce the inflammation. Being the smart machine it is, it recognizes abnormal inflammation as problematic and kicks into gear to lower it as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, our body prioritizes this particular job over removing chemicals and toxins, because more often than not it doesn’t have any understanding of what these are.

When inflammation levels are low, our body can carry on doing what it’s supposed to be doing, cleaning and detoxing. Simply put, the lower the inflammation levels, the healthier our body because it’s doing what it’s supposed to be.


Cannabidiol is one of the most anti-inflammatory agents, which means it helps your body, by giving it more energy to detoxify on its own. You can also include CBD oil as a daily supplement, which means any detox program you decide to go with will be more effective.

For the longest time, CBD oil has been a well-kept secret but it truly is a miracle cure, and more people are becoming aware of its benefits. If you are in the process of detoxing or looking to start soon, we suggest you include CBD oil as part of the program.

It’ll speed up the process, help your body help itself and make the detox program more effective.