The CBD oil industry is proliferating. CBD continues to gain recognition because of the countless benefits it has offered people all over the world. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the primary compounds in the cannabis plant. This compound reportedly provides a range of benefits including reduction of pain, inflammations, and seizures. However, unlike THC, CBD contains no psychoactive properties. Amidst everything surrounding CBD oil, the DEA is carefully keeping an eye on the product due to its increase in demand, curiosity, and popularity among citizens.

The legality or illegality of CBD oil is a bit unclear. Similarly, consumers are not sure that they are buying a product that is what it says it is since the industry is generally unregulated. While the oil is gaining popularity due to its incredible efficacy and becoming a healthy alternative to pharmaceutical meds, some producers are taking advantage and misleading consumers for profit’s sake.

CBD Oil Fears

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that counters the effects of THC in the brain. It possesses its own benefits to the body. However, most recently, the DEA caused quite a scare after declaring some restrictions on CBD use.

CBD produced from selected industrial hemp strains contain little to no traces of THC. Any CBD from cannabis plants is illegal because they contain significant traces of THC in them. The existing challenge is the inability of consumers to identify a real CBD oil from those called CBD oil but lack any cannabinoid profile.

CBD oil companies proclaim to their customers that their hemp oil can treat diseases from acne problems to cancer while they lack any scientific backing to their assertions to increase sales. It is unsurprising to see customers with unmade minds concerning the products since they get overwhelmed by the idea but lack the know-how of getting the product without being scammed. It is for that reason that consumers should remain cautious of hemp products.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

This question is dependent on where you live and who you ask. There are contradicting information from different agencies. For instance, a DEA once said that anything associated with cannabis, including all extracts, is illegal but yet the products remain available in online and retail health stores all over the country.

CBD is Legal in 44 (+6) U.S. States

CBD is only one among many compounds in the cannabis plant and is the one sought after by consumers. This compound does not cause any toxicity. 28 states have legalized medical marijuana. In these states, CBD is protected under the same medical marijuana laws. With the scientific studies showing the benefits of CBD and its safe usage, another 16 states went ahead and passed CBD only laws which allow possession and use of CBD products for qualifying conditions including epilepsy and other conditions. It is in these states that the DEA still consider CBD federally illegal despite the legal protections.

These six states – Dakota, Idaho, Indiana, West Virginia, Nebraska, and Kansas still consider the cannabis plant and CBD to be illegal. But none of them actually persecute people for using or possessing CBD. Many of the states with CBD only laws allow for possession and use but do not permit cultivation, or supply infrastructure. For instance, Georgia’s legislature passed its CBD-only laws in 2015 allowing possession of CBD products for patients with seizures and multiple sclerosis. They later added other CBD treatable conditions like AIDS, autism, Alzheimer’s Tourette’s syndrome, epidermolysis bullosa, and peripheral neuropathy into the list. However, this list was only limited to CBD oil that had not more than 5% THC.

In the six states prohibiting CBD possession and use, CBD and any related drugs remain punishable by law, and in theory, this means an arrest. However, this is a low priority product that has not seen anyone gets arrested for simple possession and a few arrest instances for those found selling. Seemingly, it is riskier to sell CBD than possessing it, and the DEA focuses on commercial violations.

How to Buy Quality CBD Oil

Since this is largely an unregulated industry, one may be tempted to ask whether there is CBD in the CBD oil intended for purchase. While the answer is yes, it, however, is not always the case. The only places where CBD and cannabis use is entirely legal and regulated is in Washington, Colorado, Alaska, and Oregon. In these four states, one can be sure that he or she is getting a pure and potent product since they undergo state-mandated tests. Outside these states, the customer needs to trust the manufacturer. Here are three standards to check before buying CBD oil.

  1. The Extraction Procedure

Quality CBD oil is extracted from the stalks and seeds of the industrial hemp. Some companies use unhealthy solvents such as propane, butane, etc. Such compounds may be harmful especially to those already ill. Although butane may be efficient and cheap, it leaves toxic residues. Another extraction solvent is alcohol which reduces the potency of the oil. The healthiest and best extraction procedure, though expensive, uses carbon dioxide.

  1. Sourcing

Since the hemp plant is a hyper accumulator, where it is grown is of significance. It readily absorbs anything from the soil and environment it is planted. In fact, it is sometimes used for bioremediation which is a plant-based approach to cleaning the environment and getting rid of toxic elements from the soil and water. As a general rule of thumb, it is believed that the best hemp comes from countries where they have been planting it for centuries, and the environment is well regulated, for instance, Europe.

  1. Bioavailability

Regrettably, there are companies in the market which claim to have CBD in their products only to test negative when lab tests are done to verify. In 2015, the FDA tested products that claimed to have CBD, and those that did not have any CBD despite claiming so in their reports were fined.

Although CBD products are efficient and produce excellent results, the CBD in them is still subject to degradation and affected bioavailability which depends on delivery options. Under the tongue placement of CBD oil is the most efficient delivery method with the highest bioavailability. However, topical application and ingestion through capsules have a lower absorption than mandibular ingestion.

For a customer, it’s always wise to ask questions since you are going to consume the product. It’s also important to know the legality of your CBD oil within your locale. It is true that there is minimal existing research on CBD oil and its usage. However, scientists are quickly making an effort to demystify the challenges against it, and soon enough, CBD will be openly accepted by everyone.


People who regularly work out are often accustomed to injuries, pains, inflammations, or muscle soreness. Some people experience these pains more than other depending on the employed workout technique. While some may withstand the pain and trust that the body would heal itself, other people sometimes go through intense workouts that cause severe injuries and pains. Such a scenario would need the individual to intervene with a painkiller to soothe the affected areas.

The two largest pain relieving drug categories are acetaminophen and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as aspirin. NSAIDs help ease body pain, fever, and headaches while reducing inflammations. The commonly used pain drugs include ibuprofen and aspirin. People use them to relieve the body of these muscle pains. However, many users end up becoming dependent on these pharmaceutical drugs. According to the U.S. EPA data, in 1998 alone, over 500,000 pounds of acetylsalicylic acid; which is the main component in aspirin, was produced in the U.S. This statistic has kept growing ever since. Most people continue using aspirin or ibuprofen for the simple fact that they do work.

The downside of these NSAIDs and over the counter pain relievers is that they possess numerous adverse side effects. A study conducted on an elderly population revealed that they are in an even riskier position than lower age groups. However, the risks are not limited to older generations but also other age groups. Regardless of your health state, these pain killers can immensely affect your general health. With these findings and assertions, one would wonder what gym enthusiast and athletes should do then. CBD oil is a more natural alternative that induces pain relieving effects while causing little to no side effects.

Side Effects of NSAIDs

While NSAIDs can help the body deal with any inflammations, fever, or pains, they contain some side effects. Regular use of NSAIDs has been linked to increased risk of developing heart disease. Similarly, this category of drugs are extremely harsh on the stomach and can cause ulcers and even bleed. These effects happen to those who have used NSAIDs for an extended period. For instance, if you are a longstanding athlete or gymnast who has all along been using NSAIDs for pain and inflammations, these are the likely side effects. Similarly, NSAIDs increases blood pressure and affects the kidneys. Some of the symptoms of the kidneys being affected include fatigue, loss of appetite, unexplained vomiting and nausea, as well as changes in urine discharge.

Possible Side Effects of Daily Aspirin Therapy

  • Stroke. A burst blood vessel may cause a stroke. Although aspirin can prevent stroke related to blood clotting, it can increase the bleeding in case there is a burst vessel (hemorrhagic stroke).
  • Allergic reaction. Some people are allergic to aspirin. If such people take aspirin, it can trigger a severe allergic reaction.
  • Bleeding in the GI tract. Since aspirin can cause stomach ulcer, it can further worsen the situation if the ulcer bleeds or any other type of bleeding within the gastrointestinal tract. This kind of bleeding can be fatal.

Other kinds of side effects of aspirin include;

  • Heartburns
  • Excess acid secretion in the stomach
  • Feeling like throwing up
  • Stomach cramps
  • Itching
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Loss of appetite
  • Wheezing
  • Indigestion
  • Redness of the skin

Side Effects of Ibuprofen

  • Bloating in the stomach
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Feeling nervous, dizzy, and a headache
  • Experiencing a blurred vision
  • Diarrhea, constipation, an upset stomach, and mild heartburn
  • An itch on the skin

Although the list does not have the full number, the above named are almost similar to those created by aspirin. They may seem normal until a more severe symptom manifests. However, if someone begins experiencing the following side effects, he or she should stop using ibuprofen and seek medical attention immediately.

  • A change in the quantity of urine released
  • A sore throat, fever, and headache which is accompanied with peeling of a rash
  • Jaundice, dark urine, nausea, and lack of appetite
  • Rapid weight gain
  • Stiffness of the neck, intense headaches, chills, as well increased sensitivity to light
  • Numbness and muscle weakness.
  • Use CBD Oil for Muscle Pains and Post Workout Injuries

CBD contains analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. There is no debate about these properties. In fact, studies reveal that CBD oil extracted from high-quality hemp is more superior to most drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen. Since inflammations cause most body pains, CBD deals with this cause. In a study conducted on mice, it was established that CBD became more efficient with higher doses.

In pre-clinical studies, CBD was found to possess stronger antioxidant capabilities than both vitamin C and E. Another test conducted to verify the efficacy of CBD as compared to other pharmaceutical drugs such as aspirin and tramadol. The test studied TNFa which is tumor necrosis factor alpha. When present, the body swells. It was later established that aspirin had moderate effect while tramadol did not affect the swelling. CBD oil, on the other hand, was able to suppress production of TNFa as the dosage was steadily increased.

Besides the pain-killing ability, CBD also has relaxing and sleep inducing capabilities. Athletes and bodybuilders can, therefore, rest well after a rigorous workout and allow the muscles to heal through the night. Since CBD oil extracted from hemp is non-psychoactive, one should not expect to get high from it. Although CBD oil is a good post workout product, it still needs to be used alongside other standard recommendations of rest, nutrition, and rehydration.

While synthetic aspirin and ibuprofen continue being manufactured and stocked in drugstore shelves, they become a liability in the long run for those people who habitually use them. They can cause severe side effects that can sometimes lead to death if not detected early enough. With a growing population that is health conscious, it is essential to take note of health risks as small as NSAIDs and other synthetic painkillers. However, it is people CBD oil is a natural solution that produces better results than synthetic painkillers. Furthermore, it possesses other properties that can treat underlying problems in your body that maybe were still unknown.



Whether it is treating acne or psoriasis, treating troubled skin can almost feel like a battlefield. There are numerous things a person can do make the skin better such as creams, face washes, and even prescriptions meds. Some are lucky enough to see some improvements after using these methods. However, for others, the quest of attaining a healthy and better skin is an ongoing frustration that does not seem to end. Fortunately, all is not lost for such people.

Individuals who have tried conventional methods of treating the skin and have failed should now shift and think of a plant based solution called CBD oil. Regarded as one of nature’s healthiest oil, CBD oil is considered to be a miraculous solution among enthusiasts who truly know its benefits and not just limited to the skin. This oil’s uses extend from basic skin moisturizing to the treatment of severe skin problems like acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Although CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant, it can be mixed with other oils to make a healthy body lotion applicable for skin purposes.

It is important to note that CBD oil contains the right amount of fatty acids which are much needed by our bodies. The human body does not naturally produce the essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6. Lacking these important fatty acids can cause serious health risks including cancer and mutations. It is the reason why people with cancer incorporate CBD oil in their lives.

Benefits of CBD Oil on the Skin

The skin is the largest human organ. It absorbs anything placed on it. Presently, the existing drug stores contain skin care products which promise fast results. However, what they do not tell you is that almost all of the skin care products are made of synthetic and punitive chemicals. Astonishingly, this is an industry that is hugely unregulated and anything labeled “natural” may mean something different. When purchasing such products, paying attention to the listed ingredients can inform you what you are purchasing. CBD oil products provide a natural remedy that efficiently solves all your skin problems and eliminates the exposure to harmful chemicals in traditional skin care products.

  • Helps Solve Other Underlying Problems

Since CBD oil is from a natural source, one shouldn’t worry about it and can directly use it on the skin. Furthermore, its contents provide the skin with other health benefits for a myriad of health conditions. For instance, it can help reduce anxiety, pain, and inflammation on the skin.

  • Reduces Aging

CBD oil products also contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which reduce quick aging of the skin. Once a person uses a CBD oil lotion or related skin product, they should expect a more moisturized, revitalized, and regenerated skin.

  • Treatment of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin condition where the skin cells build up rather rapidly on the epidermis. The accumulation of abnormal skin causes the development of plaques that are scaly and silver, gray, or white. This immune system related condition is majorly attributed to family history, and it’s believed that it is hereditary. Apart from the visible symptoms, psoriasis causes joint swelling and abnormal nails which might crack and sometimes bleed. Approximately 3% of Americans have this skin condition which translates to about 10 million people. Globally, the figure is about 125 million people. Although the infirmity stigmatizes the carriers, it is not contagious.

Since this condition is connected to the immune system, CBD oil is a potential remedy. CBD interacts with the CB1 and CBD2 receptors in the brain to produce a healing effect. The problem with conventional drugs is that they increase the chances of developing infections, diarrhea, fever, and liver problems. CBD oil lotion exclusively deals with the skins inflammation problem, the pain and discomfort without causing any harmful effects. Some studies show that CBD is capable of preventing dead skin buildup and can help in the treatment of psoriasis.

  • CBD Oil for Menstrual Cramps

Unfortunately, for a vast majority of women, cramps are a monthly struggle they have to endure. Some only feel a bit of discomfort while others go through intense uterine pain as well as headaches. While several over the counter pills promise to deal with such pains and discomfort, many women are not overly comfortable using them.

Luckily, CBD oil lotion can be the answer to their quails. In fact, women in the 11th century used a topical mixture of cannabis and lamb fat to create a solution for swollen breasts. Similarly, in the 17th century, women used a cannabis syrup called dysmenine to treat cramps. While these tales don’t provide valid proof of CBD’s action, they do suggest the existence of vast anecdotal evidence. Women in their menstrual cycle who do not prefer pharmaceutical pills can use the available CBD oils, calming body lotions, or consumables to treat pains and cramps.

  • Other Functions

CBD oil can be used together with sun tan to create a healthy sunscreen that protects the skin against UV-A and UV-B rays while preventing aging. One can easily enjoy the sun with this efficient and highly moisturizing lotion.

This cream is safe even for the most sensitive hands. Applying it on the hands before leaving home ensures that they are protected against harsh winter conditions. Your hands will become softer than before since the oil contains vitamin E and linoleic acid which keeps the skin supple at all times.

Creating a Homemade CBD Oil Lotion

Making a homemade lotion is rather simple if you already have your CBD oil. You need to pour your coconut oil or any other rich and heavy oil in a cooking pot. The temperature should be kept low and increase it gently. Afterward, add your CBD oil in the already preheated coconut oil and allow it to simmer for about 1-12 hours. Do not raise the temperatures as it will affect the CBD. It’s advisable that the more the time, the better results one can expect. Since this would be your first time, don’t expect perfect results.

Once you think the oil is ready, you can let it down to cool then filter it. You can as well add other ingredients such as shea butter or beeswax to your CBD oil lotion.

CBD oil is legal in all U.S. states. You can acquire it anytime you wish to create your own CBD oil lotion. In return, you get to enjoy a wide variety of CBD oil benefits for your skin.


Many athletes today are connecting between CBD oil and improvement of physical fitness and overall physical performance. This revelation is contrary to stereotypic notions that users of cannabis’ products only laze around eating and sleeping. The oil helps athletes improve their performance and focus during practice. Swimmers, cyclists, dedicated runners,snowboarders, yoga practitioners all have something in common – they pack water bottles, energy bars, and CBD oil in their gym bags.

Whether ingested as oil drops or in the form of spray drops,CBD oil has tons of benefits that athletes stand to gain. The product is classified as a supplement, and the user avoids the harmful effects of smoking. As long as the oil is of good quality, it provides athletes with numerous benefits to increase their practicing efficiency and performance.

The Oil Improves the Natural Appetite Control

In medical terms, cannabidiol works on the human endocannabinoid (ECS) system to regulate hunger/reward mechanism in the human brain. The principal reason why people turn to be obese is that this balance is disrupted by some environmental factors as well as chemicals found in the food that we consume. For an athlete working towards toning down the muscles a little bit, CBD oil can significantly help. Soon, athletes notice that they don’t eat as much food as before just to maintain a lean body.

Boosting Your Athletic Performance

As mentioned above, the naturally occurring compound in the human body, CBD, interacts with the ECS. Consequently, it supports the immune system, connective tissues, nervous system, and other body organs. An enhanced ECS ensures that a person has a better sleep, focuses well on tasks at hand, a calm body, controlled mood, and endurance. All these are crucial prerequisites for an active athlete engaging in energy demanding activities.

Since science records that smoking is harmful to the health of any person, CBD oil uses another intake procedure through oral ingestion. Additionally, some studies indicate that the oil can deal with addiction among athletes, for instance, cigarette smoking addiction.

The product also boosts body energy to enhance performance.It boosts not only physical energy but also mental energy. Since it contains no THC in it, one should not confuse this energy with THC’s psychoactive feeling.

Reduce Post Workout Pain and Improve Recovery of Injuries

Being mentally psyched ahead of a mountain climb, a multirun, or a swim is an accomplishment in and of itself. CBD oil can help your body get prepared before such an activity. However, it is the fatigue, feet soreness, and body exhaustion that can impede future body performances by lasting for several days. CBD can significantly reduce this recovery time and enable you to get back in shape ready to participate in athletic events and sports you enjoy.

It’s often after post workout that an athlete would feel the effects of pushing his or her body to extreme limits and using muscles that many people rarely use on their day to day activities. CBD is a known analgesic that reduces pain all over the body system. An athlete or a person doing general workout can get back into training faster without using toxic supplements and prescription meds. CBD oil enhances good REM sleep which is the best time for the body to recover from any injuries caused during workout sessions efficiently. Some physicians advise athletes who are serious with their workout routines to carry their CBD oil with them and take it afterward for inflammations and pains.

Maintain an Exercise State of Mind

Science shows that the human brain soon gets bored quickly by repetitive activities. For a person who has been working out for years, it can reach a point where the process begins to get a little boring. The drive to go to a gym or take that morning run seems to disappear naturally. CBD tries to get your mind into a workout zone. Since it is the mental energy that directs the physical energy, it is important to ensure that you harness it adequately. Some studies indicate that for a person who works out without mentally being there, he or she is likely to suffer from heightened inflammations and bodypains. A dog that is forced to run will also experience similar effects. However, when the self is inspired to participate in any activity, you will certainly enjoy the process and thus, see progressive results.

Relaxation Before and After a Competition

Anxiety, stress, and nervousness can significantly affect how you will perform in an activity. Similarly, feeling exhausted and at the same time disappointed after completion of a contest can influence the rest of your day or even the motivation for further participation in future. All these traits do not illustrate a well-disciplined athlete at any event worldwide. The reason why athletes choose to work out and maintain their physical fitness is to continue utilizing their skill and develop their bodies to optimal levels where they can adequately enjoy what they love doing. The opposite is quitting any athletic activities altogether and gaining weight as others continue participating in athletics. If an athlete ends up feeling stressed or frustrated by the competitiveness of athletics instead of feeling the joy of participation, then its intent is lost. CBD oil can help an athlete relax the mind, soul, and body before and after a competition. Accordingly, you become a disciplined athlete with straightforward priorities and objectives.

CBD oil is carefully extracted from stalks and leaves of hemp plants. It does not contain any THC which is responsible for the stoning feeling among marijuana smokers. It is for this reason that it is legal in all fifty U.S. states.

Physical fitness instructors recommend CBD oil for work out athletes. The oil works well with trainers, bodybuilders, and even performers. An athlete can add the oil to his or her workout regime for steady results.This product is not solely for people who are already working out but also for those aspiring to be physically active. The oil can motivate you to begin this journey, focus your mind on the set activities, and develop a disciplined athlete within you.


Cannabidiol (CBD) is among the over 80 cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant. Together with delts-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the two are the primary compounds in cannabis and therefore the reason why they are mostly studied. CBD has no psychoactive properties which produce a stoning effect that THC possesses. On the contrary, CBD blankets this feeling once a user consumes THC.

This phytocannabinoid (CBD) accounts for about 40% of the plant extract. Due to its lack of side effects, it has extensively been used for various medical applications. CBD oil is one of the products processed from CBD. This new product has taken the world by storm since it promises and delivers health improvements and healing. It performs this function not because of some miracle but because of the active biochemical ingredients it possesses. Apart from the general health benefits of CBD oil such as better sleep, treatment of chronic pain, anxiety, and depression, CBD oil has other possible unknown health benefits to the human body.

1. Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes

The U.S. National Library of Medicine published a study conducted on obese mice. The study indicated that CBD prevented the occurrence of diabetes in the mice. CBD inhibits the production of a cytokine known as IL-12 which is responsible for autoimmune diseases such as diabetes type 1. Over production of this cytokine makes the body’s immune system overactive. Subsequently, the immune system decides to attack the pancreas which has the role of producing insulin. Unfortunately, once these insulin producing cells are attacked, the body experiences insulin imbalance. This condition is life long, and the person will need to replace this hormone with a human-made insulin. CBD oil prevents the attack of insulin producing cells and any further inflammation.

2. Effective Treatment for Substance Abuse Disorders and Cigarette Smoking Addiction

Several studies indicate that the oil is an effective therapy for dealing with substance abuse disorders. CBD reduces the drug seeking effect in heroin and rewarding effect of morphine in an animal model experiment.

A placebo controlled study randomly picked 24 cigarette smokers to receive CBD or a placebo. The participants were directed to take a puff of the content every time they felt an urge to smoke a cigarette. Those who were on placebo treatment did not observe any positive reduction in the number of cigarettes consumed per week while those on CBD experienced a 40% drop in cigarettes smoked per week. Although inhaling the CBD through the inhaler did not reduce the urge to smoke, it did decrease the number of cigarettes smoked. This study shows the significance of CBD in the withdrawal process among nicotine users.

3. Enhances Better Sleep

Doctors recommend 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. However, some people do not satisfy this threshold due to various circumstances. People suffering from chronic pains, stress, or depression often lack sleep at night. Other people have poor sleeping habits prompted by sleeping late or drinking coffee before bedtime. It can bring agony in one’s life and even lower productivity during the day. The present sleeping pills are not user-friendly and can pose health problems.

CBD oil’s anxiolytic properties enable it to become a good sleep inducer. Ingesting it before bedtime makes the user experience quality sleep. It has been proven that CBD enhances better REM sleep which occurs a few hours before one wakes up.

4. Relieve Nausea and Improve Appetite

Some people develop nausea after consuming some particular drugs. A person may occasionally feel a need to vomit. Studies show that CBD reduces this feeling at small doses. Cancer patients undergoing treatment procedures such as chemotherapy report this adverse side effect. Unfortunately, nausea is often accompanied with lack of appetite. The National Cancer Institute asserts that CBD can improve appetite levels by interacting with cannabinoid receptors found in the human body.

5. CBD May Help Epileptic Patients

Epileptic seizures are not pleasant to experience or watch. The condition affects all ages including children. A survey conducted on treatment resistant epilepsy, about 84 percent of parents reported a reduction of seizures in their children. The children also had better sleep and mood than before and improved alertness. However, they faced fatigue and drowsiness as a side effect of using the product. Another group of 7 out of 8 patients that had secondary generalized epilepsy that had become resistant to drugs saw an improvement after a four and a half cannabidiol therapy treatment.

6. Reduction of Glaucoma

As a person ages, body organs eventually become weak and sometimes may collapse. Today’s older adults turn to CBD oil to improve their eye health. Glaucoma is an eye condition that affects over 3 million people in the U.S. alone. Globally, about 60 million individual live with it. If it is left untreated, it can quickly escalate to blindness. CBD oil is linked to the reduction of uncomfortable symptoms related to glaucoma and the gradual reduction of macular degeneration.

7. Help in the Treatment of Chronic Pain

Individuals with chronic pains occasionally lose hope that they will ever recover. Numerous evidence based pieces of research have indicated that CBD oil is an effective analgesic and can treat chronic pain in the human body. Body builders and athletes are prone to injuries which sometimes do not disappear with the primary treatment options offered in hospitals.

CBD oil can help people with longstanding injuries as a result of training or through accidents. For people still in the therapy phase of their recovery, CBD oil can significantly aid the process. Apart from its painkilling properties, the oil can eliminate any inflammations that cause these body pains.

From the listed applications, it is no doubt that CBD is a gift from nature. The product is by far more efficient than most of the conventional prescription medicines. Once CBD oil is ingested, it works on every part of the body that has a dysfunction. The oil was legalized in all the U.S. states after several tests on it to find out whether it has any critical negative effects. CBD oil can generally improve the lifestyle of many people. Hopeless people have found solace in CBD oil after traditional drugs failed to address their issues.


Although our fast paced lifestyle does not put much emphasis on enough sleep, it remains an important part of our lives. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) advises adults to take an average of 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day. Most people do not get to sleep this recommended number of hours. However, the average amount of sleep a person receives is sometimes affected by stress. The pressures at school, work, from friends and family can cause a person to suffer from insomnia.

School can sometimes be stressful. College students face a lot of pressure from parents, their teachers, and the society. After a busy day, a student may feel both tired and stressed. However, this situation does not guarantee quality sleep at night. Some people go into insomnia regardless of being tired. This situation may affect the next day’s activities and performance in class. Some other college students may face sleeping problems immediately after completing their finals.

Importance of Sleep

Sleep deprivation, also called insomnia, affects the life of an ordinary person. Sleep plays a significant role in a person’s life. Sleep ensures that a person wakes up the next day feeling rejuvenated and energetic. The body gets rid of dead cells during sleep and replaces it with new ones. The mind also gains from sleep as most activities from the previous day are stored during sleep time. Therefore, sleep does touch on every aspect of human health. Chronic insomnia has been liked to poor performance in colleges and can sometimes escalate to worse illnesses. Researchers continue to seek ways of improving and alleviating stress induced insomnia among other mental illnesses related to stress.

Stress, Anxiety, and Sleep

Many people today experience stress-induced sleeping problems at least once a week. As a result, approximately 75% of the affected people mentioned that they felt more anxious and stressed by the sleeplessness condition than before. As it seems, sleeping problems cause stress while stress causes sleeping problems.

Stress and anxiety are not easy to deal with but are both treatable by natural remedies. Understanding your stress is the first step of getting the best remedy for treating it. In the U.S., stress has become one of the most common mental conditions perhaps above depression.

The latest research posits that CBD can be a natural remedy for people who struggle with sleeping problems as a consequent of stress. Individuals who suffer from sleep problems at night also struggle with staying awake during daytime. In an experiment of CBD action on stress induced sleeplessness, rats were used and were able to sleep normally without requiring extra hours during the day to cover the night of poor sleep. Similar to rats, humans experience similar symptoms of sleeping during the day if they fail to get adequate sleep at night. Most students would, therefore, sleep during class time and even exam time due to inadequate sleep during the night.

CBD and Sleep Problems

Among the many medical benefits of CBD, CBD helps the body deal with insomnia. Apart from making a person sleep quickly, it also enhances the sleeping cycle. CBD influences the third stage of non-REM sleep which is also called deep sleep. This third stage is of significance for people with sleeping problems. CBD is also responsible for shortening light sleep which is also known as REM sleep. CBD reduces it but makes it of high quality. Consequently, the person experiences less depression and stressful events while experiencing improved memory.

Stress can occur in different ways. People may be faced with certain difficulties which cause post traumatic stresses. People who have PTSD often complain of sleep deprivations and fitful REM sleep. They also suffer from reduced dream recall since REM sleep is affected. Stress is the number one contributor of anxiety. However, CBD uses its anxiolytic effect to block this anxiety and mend any sleep alterations. Stress can also cause people to experience sleeplessness as dawn breaks. The body fails to engage into the last stage of the sleep cycle. Researchers refer this condition as terminal insomnia or late insomnia. Natural CBD works in the body to increase the amount of sleep, and this late insomnia is treated.

CBD Oil and Sleep

CBD oil is commonly employed in treating chronic pains, depression, sleep problems, among others. The non-psychoactive CBD compound is extracted from cannabis plants. Although cannabis’ other compound, THC, is also recognized as a sleep inducing ingredient, it appears that CBD has more beneficial effects than it. CBD acts as a sedative when used in high doses. Additionally, CBD oil seems to act as a sleeping aid for people with persistent stress. However, this effect does not directly cause sleep but reduces the body’s anxiety which is caused by stress and allows the body to remain calm in body and mind.

How CBD Helps with Sleep

CBD oil works in two ways to induce sleep in people affected by stress. The first way is by reducing anxiety and secondly by acting as a sedative.

  • Reducing Anxiety

Stress causes anxiety in the body. A person will often feel uneasy and unrelaxed. CBD reduces anxiety by interacting with serotonin receptors which are responsible for the regulation of stress, mood, and emotion. It also boosts the growth of new adult brain cells which is also referred to adult neurogenesis. This is an indirect way of inducing sleep by decreasing stress and anxiety, as well as reducing the time used to fall asleep.

  • Acts as a Sedative

High doses of CBD oil have been reported to give a sedative effect. A person may find it easier to sleep after using the oil. One will experience a longer sleeping duration and better sleep.

These are the two ways on how CBD oil helps a stressful mind recover from sleep deprivation.

Results from previous studies indicate a more significant role played by CBD oil regulating natural sleep while treating complex sleeping problems. At the same time, it creates a natural remedy for natural sleep unlike the tolerance building sleeping pills which can be addictive. As a college student, CBD oil can healthily help you get back to a normal sleeping cycle after completing your finals.

Stress has a significant effect on sleep. The two can potentially affect school performance if not dealt with on time. For someone struggling with stress which has caused sleeping problems and irregular sleeping patterns, perhaps a natural remedy such as CBD supplement is your next best option.


Although traveling is an enjoyable experience, it also comes with some body effects. Fatigue, jet lags, and sleeplessness are some of the negative symptoms associated with traveling. Sitting down for long hours typically creates a general tiredness. On the other hand, people who travel for long hours to different time zones experience jet lags. They experience extreme fatigue and even insomnia due to an interruption of the body’s circadian rhythms. Most pilots and airline crews are also victims of this and are always on the lookout for any remedies to counter the fatigue. Traveling with CBD oil can be beneficial to such groups of people.

CBD oil offers many applications to its users. One can use it for treating pains, anxiety, inflammations, and sleeplessness, among others. If you have all these and you are traveling for long distances, they can drive you nuts. The oil counters insomnia, anxiety and all the other symptoms. It makes the traveler relax in the car or plane without experiencing fear or anxiety. Once a person arrives at a destination, he or she can use the oil to get rid of any fatigue in the body. It has been documented in recent studies that CBD oil can do away with your fatigue after long travels. A university study also cites CBD oil as one of the remedies of Parkinson’s disease because of its ability to counteract the fatigue caused by the illness.

Many people experience sleeplessness after traveling to different time zones. The body experiences a sudden physiological change and is forced to adapt to the sudden environmental changes. As a result, tiredness creeps in. Similarly, the regular sleeping pattern the body is accustomed to becomes irregular. The oil creates natural sleep and improves the quality of sleep. 1-2 drops of the oil should set one into a peaceful sleep. There are some benefits of traveling with your CBD oil rather than leaving it at home or not buying it at all.

Avoiding Prescription Medications

The effects of traveling cannot be avoided. One way or another you will feel tired after a long journey. Sleep disturbance also happens to most people affected by jet lags. Instead of using prescription medicine from your doctor, which can also help, it is far much better to use CBD oil to counter the same effects. CBD oil provides a natural way of treating the symptoms. The oil has been used for more than a thousand years to treat pains and create muscle relaxations. However, they were outlawed in the last century before being legalized once again. Although a doctor’s medications can also help, they often cause side effects among other unmentioned effects on the body. Similarly, one would need different medications for sleep, fatigue, and anxiety. Cbd oil treats all these with a single dose. The dose will remain active in the body for a long time.

CBD Oil Creates Calmness

Travelling can sometimes be stressful. During and after the journey, the traveler may feel stressed which impedes the making of rational decisions. CBD oil offers body calmness and relaxation. It reduces this stress and relaxes the body muscles. The knees often get hurt after sitting for long hours. The oil can alleviate these symptoms and make you sit longer without feeling the pain at your knees. The oil does not make one feel high but only relaxes the body muscles and makes traveling a smooth experience. In return, the user can have an optimal mind that can make better decisions.

Boosts Energy

CBD oil is a natural energy booster that works on the entire body. Long travels have a way of depriving the body of energy by causing fatigue. The oil works on the body cells responsible for energy production and keeps the active. Using the oil ensures that the user remains active all through the journey even if one decides to sleep along the way.

Alleviates Anxiety

Another significance of carrying CBD oil while traveling is that enhances mood and makes one feel generally calm. One feeling most people have is of time passing by slowly that builds boredom and anxiety. One may increase a dose as need be and allow time to pass without being too conscious of it. A high quality CBD oil can be essential for travel and treat any pains thereafter. Other people with flying frights can also benefit from the oil as it helps reduce any anxieties.

Enhances Sleep

After arrival to a new destination in a new time zone, the body can take a significant amount of time to bounce back to normalcy. Most people face insomnia in the first number of days. Sleep disturbance can affect the normal day to day routine planned out during a trip. For instance, it may interfere with a trip’s planned out activities. CBD oil offers a remedy by enhancing sleep and improving the sleeping patterns immediately after traveling through different time zones. You would, therefore, sleep normally without feeling any significant effects of jet lag and chronic fatigue.

Legality of CBD Oil in U.S. States

It is true that different states have different sets of laws governing them. One wouldn’t wish to be faced with narcotics charges because the destination doesn’t recognize a particular hemp product. The good thing is that CBD oil is legal in all U.S. states. You can carry it along with you as long as you are within the borders of the United States without getting into trouble. However, one should first check into the legalities of this product in the foreign countries before carrying it along.

Traveling is an exciting experience. However, some people have come to dislike traveling because of what it makes them feel afterward. Fatigue, insomnia, and body pains especially the knees are some of the expected conditions after long travel. It becomes even worse for people crossing different time zones as they are affected by jet lags. Traveling with CBD oil ensures that you do not feel these side effects. Consequently, the trip will be worthwhile and you will be able to complete every planned task for the trip by quickly getting the body back into normal functioning.


The spark of confusion among consumers about the differences between hemp oil and CBD oil has prompted the nonprofit Hemp Industry Association to issue a statement highlighting the differences. This step owes to the fact that most people seemed misled by unscrupulous businessmen. The many varieties of cannabis based products being sold in the market have contributed to this confusion. Although variety is good since it solves the problems of different consumers, it can be difficult sometimes to know what is what.

Marijuana and hemp are often mistaken since they all come from the cannabis family. Nevertheless, smoking a bag full of hemp cannot cause any consciousness alterations as it contains minimal THC levels. The confusion deepens even as U.S. states go on to pass marijuana laws that allow the use of low THC and high CBD characterized marijuana products. The confusion between CBD oil and hemp oil arises since both oils are low in THC and have CBD.

Difference between Hemp and Cannabis

Before trying to find the differences between marijuana and hemp, it is crucial to understand that both come from a single plant species called Cannabis sativa and from the same genus called Cannabis. Perhaps the main difference is the amount of THC and CBD each contains. These two compounds make up the bulk as compared to all other compounds. The main difference between these two compounds is that whereas THC is psychoactive which attributes to the ‘stoned’ feeling, CBD is non-psychoactive.


These two compounds are both cannabinoids. THC has psychotropic properties which get someone high. This trait was identified centuries ago and was used for spiritual and recreational use. On the other hand, CBD is non-psychoactive. Since THC exhibits this psychoactive effects, it is listed among substance drugs which make it illegal. CBD, on the contrary, has never been listed as a substance to avoid.

Hemp CBD vs. Cannabis CBD

It is important to note that hemp CBD and Cannabis CBD are not two different compounds since they both have similar properties and effects on the body. The CBD in the two helps in reducing anxiety, nausea, inflammations, psychoactive effects, and depression. However, it is the concentration of this CBD from each of them that sets them apart. While hemp has a significant amount of CBD, extraction of oil from cannabis’ stalks has more CBD than the hemp seeds from hemp. Whereas CBD oil extracted from each one of them is safe and effective for usage, CBD oil from hemp is legal in all 50 states because hemp which it’s produced from contains insignificantly low amounts of THC.

One can purchase CBD oil from both of them as long it is bought from a reputable company which uses a healthy extraction procedure. There are several companies selling CBD oil from both hemp and cannabis and it is advisable to be vigilant not to buy a substandard product.

Hemp Oil and Its Usage

From the title, hemp oil comes from the hemp plant. It means that the oil is extracted from the plant seeds. Although this oil can potentially be derived from all other plants in the cannabis genus, only industrial hemp is used to obtain it. Growing hemp under controlled environments ensures that the THC that causes psychoactive effects is controlled and kept to a minimum.

Hemp is used in a variety of uses including in the production of eco-friendly paints. It can also be used as a moisturizer after getting off the shower and in making of soaps and lotions. Hemp oil is great for cooking as it is full of nutrients. It can also be used in the preparation of salads and replace olive oils.

CBD Oil and Its Usage

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil has significant amounts of CBD. The oil is extracted from the stalks of hemp which leaves it with only traces of THC and high CBD. This is the what makes the key difference between CBD and regular hemp oil – the focus on the medically relevant CBD component. CBD has gained traction in the medical marijuana industry since it has proven itself to be a significant treatment product for several ailments. CBD oil has numerous benefits the major one being the treatment of cancer. It can also be used in the treatment of epilepsy. Other than these, it is an effective treatment for anxiety, seizures, depression, inflammatory disorders, and neurodegenerative disorders. These are just a few remedies that CBD oil can provide. Researchers are still in the process of finding the full potential of CBD oil.

The advantage of CBD oil over hemp oil is the higher amount of CBD in the stalks than the seeds producing hemp oil. It can be a little tough to take full advantage of hemp oil’s medicinal properties. Hemp oil only has a high nutritional value such as Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids. For a person seeking therapeutic benefits among these two, CBD oil is a better choice.

The Extraction of CBD Oil

There are different extraction processes when it comes to CBD oil. One of the most common is the oil-based method which is used to separate the components. Another method that is available is the use of alcohol, butane, or hexane. However, this method is unsafe as it may leave the product with harmful chemicals. Perhaps the most effective method is the use of CO2. As a result, the process ends up with a pure product. However, this process is costly and is only done on a large scale.

Marijuana and hemp are cousins. However, marijuana has higher THC levels than hemp. Hemp oil has low CBD content as compared to CBD oil. The differences are significant, and so are the effects on a person. However, some businesspeople are taking advantage of these two’s relationship in selling hemp oil for medical purposes which only has negligible CBD content.

Substantial research conducted all show significant results of CBD oil as a medicinal product. Its high CBD content places it above and beyond hemp oil. Although hemp oil has some benefits, these benefits do not have substantial therapeutic value. There are many cannabis products in the market. Although some may be legal for consumption, it is important to understand the full function and benefit of each of them. When comparing hemp oil and CBD oil for their medicinal implication, CBD oil remains the ultimate remedy.


Almost one-third of young people aged between 18 and 25 experience sleeping problems. Besides, 25 – 30% of the overall population experience sleep disturbances due to upsetting events, stress, poor sleeping habits, jet lag, medication side effects, or chronic pain. Experiencing insomnia can cause detrimental effects on the body and can ordinarily affect the general functioning of the body. Some of the adverse effects include memory problems, low physical energy, and irritation. Similarly, poor REM sleep has been linked to anxiety issues as well as the incomplete resolve of the emotional part of the brain when sleeping. Some people have settled into using sleeping pills, but they have not been entirely satisfactory. Some of these medications also have an addictive component which is not conducive to the body’s general health. Cannabidiol (CBD) provides a solution to sleeping problems using its anxiolytic properties.

Importance of Sleep

Most people underestimate the significance of sleep. Aside from the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep, the amount of sleep required varies from person to person. One person may feel comfortable having a six-hour sleep while another may feel fatigued afterward. However, it can only become problematic if sleep deprivation is extended. Apparently, sleep forms almost a third of the human life.

Sleep rejuvenates the body giving it energy for yet another day of activity. It is the reason why the lack of sleep for an extended period can even lead to the death of an individual. A groundbreaking experiment denied sleep to rats, and they were all dead after 32 days. During sleep, the body can get rid of dead cells and build new ones. Sleeping also helps the brain store the events of the day to remember another time. Apart from these, the muscles also tend to relax during sleep, heart rates become slower, and the brain wave frequencies also become lower.

The Sleep Cycle

The difference between non-REM sleep and REM sleep was first established in 1953. Once a person lies down to sleep, he or she undergoes four different non-REM sleep stages for about 4 to 5 cycles. Phase three of the sleep cycle has the deepest sleep while REM sleep is close to wakefulness. After about 70 minutes of non-REM sleep, the body shifts to REM sleep which occurs for only five minutes. Each stage is significant to the overall psychological and neurological function of the body. However, it is during REM sleep (rapid eye movement sleep) that a person experiences dreams. During this stage, the body resembles that of waking life, but the muscles are paralyzed which prevents the body from acting out what’s happening in the dream. Non-REM stages of sleep shorten progressively allowing extra time for REM sleep which can extend up to 40 minutes of dreaming before a person can wake up.

Stress, Anxiety, and Sleep

Most people experience stress-induced sleep problems at least once a week. Over 75% of people with anxiety and sleep problems mention that they feel more stressed and anxious by the condition. Sleeping problems cause anxiety while anxiety causes sleeping problems.

CBD and Sleep Problems

CBD is an extract from the cannabis plant. THC also forms part of this cannabis plant. Both of them have been proven to have medicinal significance. However, since THC is psychoactive, it is illegal. Among the many beneficial effects of CBD, it can also help the body deal with insomnia and sleeping problems. It, however, does not make a person fall asleep quickly but also influences the sleep cycle. CBD prolongs the third stage of non-REM sleep which is associated with deep sleep. This stage is of significance for those people with sleeping disorders. CBD also shortens the REM sleep period which is characterized by light sleeping. As a result, a person experiences fewer dreams, depression symptoms decrease, and memory is improved.

Previous studies show that CBD uses its anxiolytic effect to block anxiety induced REM sleep alterations. People with post-traumatic stresses (PTSD) usually complain of insomnia and abnormal REM sleep. Patients with insomnia reported increased sleep and less dream recall. The reduced dream recall is presumed to be caused by the reduced REM sleep which is the stage where dreaming occurs.

CBD can treat complex sleep-related disorders such as REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD). RBD is a type of ailment where the patient acts out the events of a dream during the REM stage of sleep. This condition can cause danger to these patients and even those sleeping close to them. Patients with this condition are likely to have Parkinson’s disease and dementia later in their lives. Reducing the period of REM sleep with the help of CBD can alleviate these symptoms allowing the patient sleep through it. However, CBD should not be consumed excessively with the intention of getting rid of REM sleep entirely. The objective is to have a shorter but quality REM sleep.

Terminal insomnia or late insomnia is a condition that affects the sleep patterns of individuals. Affected persons lose sleep before dawn breaks. The body fails to engage into REM sleep during the last cycle of sleep. CBD increases the amount of sleep, and in the process, late insomnia will be treated.

CBD as Support

CBD can help address any sleep-related issues in the body. However, sleep problems are sometimes related to other underlying issues. It is therefore important to deal with these matters first if recognizable. Nevertheless, CBD will quickly deal with any anxiety or chronic pain that is hindering proper sleeping. The advantage of CBD is that it lacks any side effects to the body. CBD is homeopathic soporific which means anyone can purchase it for use.

The primary cause of improper sleeping and insomnia is anxiety. If the body can relax, then a good night sleep will be an automatic outcome. CBD provides a solution by calming the body and increasing the time for the most crucial stage of the sleeping process. Consequently, the body can experience shorter and quality REM sleep. The body is also able to deal with symptoms of sleeping disorders that can cause harm to the patient and those around. CBD is available in a wide range of products that are available in the market.


The phrase there are many ways to kill a cat rings true in the usage of CBD. There are different ways one can safely use CBD products for the various illnesses and conditions. The rising demand for CBD products has prompted the production of several consumption forms. However, most people have no idea that the manner of use can significantly affect a daily dose.

Not all CBD consumed into the body will directly affect the person. Some percentage of it is lost through bioavailability. Absorption rate also depends on the form of the CBD. For instance, the bioavailability of CBD when taken orally is approximately 15% which means that the body absorbs only 15 mg for every 100 mg ingested. CBD is not water soluble which defines it as hydrophobic. It quickly diffuses out of the bloodstream almost immediately it is absorbed into the blood stream. Similarly, once CBD is ingested through the mouth, it has to pass through the liver which also breaks down part of it with the help of liver enzymes. CBD vape oil offers a solution to this problem.

Difference between CBD Hemp Oil and CBD Vape Oil

There is a difference between CBD hemp oil and CBD vape oil. The CBD is a short form of Cannabidiol which is derived from hemp and is legal in the U.S. It has some traces of THC in minimum quantities that cannot get someone high; less than 0.3% THC. CBD vape oil, also known as CBD e-Liquid or CBD vape juice is utilized by inhaling the vapor. This vape juice can be used with the e-cigarette or vaporizer. This CBD e-juice can be purchased in a variety of flavors and dosage.

The advantage of CBD vape oil is its ability to provide instant relief whenever needed. Since it doesn’t have a strong odor, it’s acceptable to vape in many workplaces, coffee shops and other public places. This is especially important for people who are experiencing large amounts of stress in the workplace, or for people whose anxiety can randomly get triggered at a public place. Even army veterans suffering from PTSD are using CBD oil in vape form to calm down, and stop the panic attacks before they happen. The average vape pen can easily fit your pocket, so it makes it very convenient to go around with.

Unlike CBD capsules and the other forms of CBD oil, CBD Vape has a more positive effect and has relatively high efficacy. A study conducted to test the effectiveness of different forms of administration of CBD found out that vaporization of CBD has more effectiveness than all other forms of intake. Vaporization increased uptake of CBD combined with THC to 55% as compared to 15% recorded by orally ingested capsules. This means that a person can achieve the same positive results, faster, but at smaller quantities of CBD. Similarly, CBD e-liquids do not contain nicotine which causes addiction.

Dosages and Concentrations

For sleep disorders, 40 – 160 mg of CBD should be taken daily. Schizophrenic patients should inhale 40 – 1280 mg of CBD for up to one month. Chronic pain is another major ailment that CBD can suppress. Such patients with chronic pains should inhale between 2.5 mg and 20 mg of CBD daily for the next three to four weeks.

A previous study found out that 200 mg is the maximum dose of CBD that can produce the highest level of efficiency once vaporized. Higher doses produced a saturation effect. Nevertheless, CBD saturation is related to the type of vaporizer used. Different vaporizers have different heating times hence different doses vaporized at any single moment. Similarly, the conversion rate was reported to be higher in smaller doses between 4 – 8 mg which recorded rates up to 97%. For high doses such as 200 mg, conversion rates reduced to a significant low of 40%. Once CBD vaporizes, its first point of contact is the lungs which indicate that it does not pass through the liver. Therefore, the CBD escapes the first-pass effect that breaks down CBD taken orally.


CBD vaporizes after hitting 200 degrees C or 392 degrees F. this figure is similar to THC. The CBD vaporizes as a gas without necessarily burning the plant matter to produce the same product.


Using CBD vape oil is safe until one purchases a brand with propyl glycol. At large quantities, PG can cause health issues such as kidney disorders and even asthma. Therefore, persons should buy CBD e-juice brands that have vegetable glycerin (VG). It safely helps dilute the CBD into a liquid while giving it a neutral flavor.

Other extensive pieces of research show that the effect of 2 mg CBD is similar to a 200 mg dose. These dosages depend on a particular individual. A factor to consider before taking CBD is the body weight. As expected, a heavy person will need more massive dose than a light weight person. Most people experiment the amount that is viable for their bodies before sticking to specific dosages since it is harmless. However, one should note that CBD does not function in a similar fashion as alcohol and other drugs which stay in the blood stream for a short time. CBD vape oil can remain in the blood cells for a long time, and therefore dosages should be reduced gradually.

The bottom line is that each person is different and metabolizes CBD differently. There are no specific quantities for vaporizing CBD vape oil. When beginning using the CBD e-liquid, one should start with lower doses since there is no limit as to how much of it can be inhaled. The dose of the e-liquid depends on the physical health of the person and the amount of it the body can comfortably handle. Therefore, initial few puffs are recommended which can be increased or decreased gradually depending on the type of effect the patient seeks. Dissimilar to nicotine, it is recommended to begin CBD vape oil inhalation from low doses while moving to higher amounts.