About Us

The Role of CBD Century

CBD Century is nonprofit movement based in California that is focused on publicizing and promoting research about the medical uses of CBD (cannabidiol) and other extracts of the cannabis plant. Our aim is to provide education services to general public, industrial experts, physicians, and patients.

Having been founded in 2010 by two journalists who were covering a story on the science behind medical marijuana, the CBD Century movement has continued to expand. The story by the two journalists was published in the OShaughnessys, a journal that publishes stories of clinical cannabis usage. We saw the need to give special attention to the news of reintroduction of CBD-rich cannabis into the public supply.

Doctors and patients are now able to evaluate and analyze the effects of cannabidiol thanks to the unexpected reintroduction of whole plant CBD back in 2009 in Northern California.

The role of CBD Century is to;

  • Provide updates to doctors and patients on any development in cannabis science, political economy, and therapeutics.
  • Carryout workshops to train dispensary staff and health workers on the challenges and benefits of CBD-rich therapeutics. Also, our workshops educates people on how to maximize interactions with patients
  • Offer support to the efforts of researchers and physician by helping in collecting, aggregating, and publishing data from patients so as to establish patterns of CBD efficacy and lack of efficacy.
  • Ensure CBD Locator Map maintenance so as to highlight delivery of services and storefronts that offer high-quality CBD-rich medicine.
  • Co-produce an education film series known as Cannabis Conversations and publish a free online newsletter.
  • Review and report CBD-rich products and strains.
  • Disapprove the notion that medical marijuana is a source of marijuana supply for stoners.
  • Our major emphasis is not to promote one cannabinoid compound at the expense of the other but rather, to challenge the idea that cannabis compares THC. THC has its own right, but it isn’t the whole plant, and neither is CBD. CBD Century emphasizes and promotes whole plant cannabis therapeutics.

Reprint Permissions

We are open to sharing our resources with other players in the medical marijuana community. Therefore, for those who would like to reproduce any content on our site, please reach out to us for reprint permission. However, we request you to acknowledge our content and link back to the CBD Century website.