A Natural Remedy for Stress-Induced Sleep Deprivation – CBD Oil

Although our fast paced lifestyle does not put much emphasis on enough sleep, it remains an important part of our lives. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) advises adults to take an average of 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day. Most people do not get to sleep this recommended number of hours. However, the average amount of sleep a person receives is sometimes affected by stress. The pressures at school, work, from friends and family can cause a person to suffer from insomnia.

School can sometimes be stressful. College students face a lot of pressure from parents, their teachers, and the society. After a busy day, a student may feel both tired and stressed. However, this situation does not guarantee quality sleep at night. Some people go into insomnia regardless of being tired. This situation may affect the next day’s activities and performance in class. Some other college students may face sleeping problems immediately after completing their finals.

Importance of Sleep

Sleep deprivation, also called insomnia, affects the life of an ordinary person. Sleep plays a significant role in a person’s life. Sleep ensures that a person wakes up the next day feeling rejuvenated and energetic. The body gets rid of dead cells during sleep and replaces it with new ones. The mind also gains from sleep as most activities from the previous day are stored during sleep time. Therefore, sleep does touch on every aspect of human health. Chronic insomnia has been liked to poor performance in colleges and can sometimes escalate to worse illnesses. Researchers continue to seek ways of improving and alleviating stress induced insomnia among other mental illnesses related to stress.

Stress, Anxiety, and Sleep

Many people today experience stress-induced sleeping problems at least once a week. As a result, approximately 75% of the affected people mentioned that they felt more anxious and stressed by the sleeplessness condition than before. As it seems, sleeping problems cause stress while stress causes sleeping problems.

Stress and anxiety are not easy to deal with but are both treatable by natural remedies. Understanding your stress is the first step of getting the best remedy for treating it. In the U.S., stress has become one of the most common mental conditions perhaps above depression.

The latest research posits that CBD can be a natural remedy for people who struggle with sleeping problems as a consequent of stress. Individuals who suffer from sleep problems at night also struggle with staying awake during daytime. In an experiment of CBD action on stress induced sleeplessness, rats were used and were able to sleep normally without requiring extra hours during the day to cover the night of poor sleep. Similar to rats, humans experience similar symptoms of sleeping during the day if they fail to get adequate sleep at night. Most students would, therefore, sleep during class time and even exam time due to inadequate sleep during the night.

CBD and Sleep Problems

Among the many medical benefits of CBD, CBD helps the body deal with insomnia. Apart from making a person sleep quickly, it also enhances the sleeping cycle. CBD influences the third stage of non-REM sleep which is also called deep sleep. This third stage is of significance for people with sleeping problems. CBD is also responsible for shortening light sleep which is also known as REM sleep. CBD reduces it but makes it of high quality. Consequently, the person experiences less depression and stressful events while experiencing improved memory.

Stress can occur in different ways. People may be faced with certain difficulties which cause post traumatic stresses. People who have PTSD often complain of sleep deprivations and fitful REM sleep. They also suffer from reduced dream recall since REM sleep is affected. Stress is the number one contributor of anxiety. However, CBD uses its anxiolytic effect to block this anxiety and mend any sleep alterations. Stress can also cause people to experience sleeplessness as dawn breaks. The body fails to engage into the last stage of the sleep cycle. Researchers refer this condition as terminal insomnia or late insomnia. Natural CBD works in the body to increase the amount of sleep, and this late insomnia is treated.

CBD Oil and Sleep

CBD oil is commonly employed in treating chronic pains, depression, sleep problems, among others. The non-psychoactive CBD compound is extracted from cannabis plants. Although cannabis’ other compound, THC, is also recognized as a sleep inducing ingredient, it appears that CBD has more beneficial effects than it. CBD acts as a sedative when used in high doses. Additionally, CBD oil seems to act as a sleeping aid for people with persistent stress. However, this effect does not directly cause sleep but reduces the body’s anxiety which is caused by stress and allows the body to remain calm in body and mind.

How CBD Helps with Sleep

CBD oil works in two ways to induce sleep in people affected by stress. The first way is by reducing anxiety and secondly by acting as a sedative.

  • Reducing Anxiety

Stress causes anxiety in the body. A person will often feel uneasy and unrelaxed. CBD reduces anxiety by interacting with serotonin receptors which are responsible for the regulation of stress, mood, and emotion. It also boosts the growth of new adult brain cells which is also referred to adult neurogenesis. This is an indirect way of inducing sleep by decreasing stress and anxiety, as well as reducing the time used to fall asleep.

  • Acts as a Sedative

High doses of CBD oil have been reported to give a sedative effect. A person may find it easier to sleep after using the oil. One will experience a longer sleeping duration and better sleep.

These are the two ways on how CBD oil helps a stressful mind recover from sleep deprivation.

Results from previous studies indicate a more significant role played by CBD oil regulating natural sleep while treating complex sleeping problems. At the same time, it creates a natural remedy for natural sleep unlike the tolerance building sleeping pills which can be addictive. As a college student, CBD oil can healthily help you get back to a normal sleeping cycle after completing your finals.

Stress has a significant effect on sleep. The two can potentially affect school performance if not dealt with on time. For someone struggling with stress which has caused sleeping problems and irregular sleeping patterns, perhaps a natural remedy such as CBD supplement is your next best option.


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