7 Little Known Science-Backed Applications of CBD Oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) is among the over 80 cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant. Together with delts-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the two are the primary compounds in cannabis and therefore the reason why they are mostly studied. CBD has no psychoactive properties which produce a stoning effect that THC possesses. On the contrary, CBD blankets this feeling once a user consumes THC.

This phytocannabinoid (CBD) accounts for about 40% of the plant extract. Due to its lack of side effects, it has extensively been used for various medical applications. CBD oil is one of the products processed from CBD. This new product has taken the world by storm since it promises and delivers health improvements and healing. It performs this function not because of some miracle but because of the active biochemical ingredients it possesses. Apart from the general health benefits of CBD oil such as better sleep, treatment of chronic pain, anxiety, and depression, CBD oil has other possible unknown health benefits to the human body.

1. Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes

The U.S. National Library of Medicine published a study conducted on obese mice. The study indicated that CBD prevented the occurrence of diabetes in the mice. CBD inhibits the production of a cytokine known as IL-12 which is responsible for autoimmune diseases such as diabetes type 1. Over production of this cytokine makes the body’s immune system overactive. Subsequently, the immune system decides to attack the pancreas which has the role of producing insulin. Unfortunately, once these insulin producing cells are attacked, the body experiences insulin imbalance. This condition is life long, and the person will need to replace this hormone with a human-made insulin. CBD oil prevents the attack of insulin producing cells and any further inflammation.

2. Effective Treatment for Substance Abuse Disorders and Cigarette Smoking Addiction

Several studies indicate that the oil is an effective therapy for dealing with substance abuse disorders. CBD reduces the drug seeking effect in heroin and rewarding effect of morphine in an animal model experiment.

A placebo controlled study randomly picked 24 cigarette smokers to receive CBD or a placebo. The participants were directed to take a puff of the content every time they felt an urge to smoke a cigarette. Those who were on placebo treatment did not observe any positive reduction in the number of cigarettes consumed per week while those on CBD experienced a 40% drop in cigarettes smoked per week. Although inhaling the CBD through the inhaler did not reduce the urge to smoke, it did decrease the number of cigarettes smoked. This study shows the significance of CBD in the withdrawal process among nicotine users.

3. Enhances Better Sleep

Doctors recommend 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. However, some people do not satisfy this threshold due to various circumstances. People suffering from chronic pains, stress, or depression often lack sleep at night. Other people have poor sleeping habits prompted by sleeping late or drinking coffee before bedtime. It can bring agony in one’s life and even lower productivity during the day. The present sleeping pills are not user-friendly and can pose health problems.

CBD oil’s anxiolytic properties enable it to become a good sleep inducer. Ingesting it before bedtime makes the user experience quality sleep. It has been proven that CBD enhances better REM sleep which occurs a few hours before one wakes up.

4. Relieve Nausea and Improve Appetite

Some people develop nausea after consuming some particular drugs. A person may occasionally feel a need to vomit. Studies show that CBD reduces this feeling at small doses. Cancer patients undergoing treatment procedures such as chemotherapy report this adverse side effect. Unfortunately, nausea is often accompanied with lack of appetite. The National Cancer Institute asserts that CBD can improve appetite levels by interacting with cannabinoid receptors found in the human body.

5. CBD May Help Epileptic Patients

Epileptic seizures are not pleasant to experience or watch. The condition affects all ages including children. A survey conducted on treatment resistant epilepsy, about 84 percent of parents reported a reduction of seizures in their children. The children also had better sleep and mood than before and improved alertness. However, they faced fatigue and drowsiness as a side effect of using the product. Another group of 7 out of 8 patients that had secondary generalized epilepsy that had become resistant to drugs saw an improvement after a four and a half cannabidiol therapy treatment.

6. Reduction of Glaucoma

As a person ages, body organs eventually become weak and sometimes may collapse. Today’s older adults turn to CBD oil to improve their eye health. Glaucoma is an eye condition that affects over 3 million people in the U.S. alone. Globally, about 60 million individual live with it. If it is left untreated, it can quickly escalate to blindness. CBD oil is linked to the reduction of uncomfortable symptoms related to glaucoma and the gradual reduction of macular degeneration.

7. Help in the Treatment of Chronic Pain

Individuals with chronic pains occasionally lose hope that they will ever recover. Numerous evidence based pieces of research have indicated that CBD oil is an effective analgesic and can treat chronic pain in the human body. Body builders and athletes are prone to injuries which sometimes do not disappear with the primary treatment options offered in hospitals.

CBD oil can help people with longstanding injuries as a result of training or through accidents. For people still in the therapy phase of their recovery, CBD oil can significantly aid the process. Apart from its painkilling properties, the oil can eliminate any inflammations that cause these body pains.

From the listed applications, it is no doubt that CBD is a gift from nature. The product is by far more efficient than most of the conventional prescription medicines. Once CBD oil is ingested, it works on every part of the body that has a dysfunction. The oil was legalized in all the U.S. states after several tests on it to find out whether it has any critical negative effects. CBD oil can generally improve the lifestyle of many people. Hopeless people have found solace in CBD oil after traditional drugs failed to address their issues.


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