5 Amazing Facts About CBD

With the medical community advancing in effort and finances, there are many new alternative medications. Long gone are the traditional, single-purpose medications of old. Nowadays, the priority is that a medication must come from a natural source. Indubitable is the notion that artificial concoctions have a detrimental effect on our bodies. Natural medications also get to be more multipurpose in practice. This brings us to the ultimate natural medicine of recent years – CBD.

What is CBD anyway? This beneficial medication is a cannabinoid – a compound that is harnessed from the cannabis plant. It is one of over 500 cannabinoids, all of which have different and pronounced functions. CBD functions in sync with the body’s cannabinoid receptors and quite frankly makes magic happen. Therefore, one could say that it’s one of the frontrunners in the new age of medicine.

Because of its significance, it’s important to get to know it the right way. When approaching such a revolutionary medicine, it’s best to focus on the most interesting aspects. When it comes to CBD, there is no shortage of such facts. Thus, it was a difficult task to carry out, but we’ve managed to round out the fabulous five when it comes to CBD facts.

1. It fights Cancer better than most Conventional Medications

Although the government refuses to acknowledge the benefits of medical marijuana, they are standing firm against the myriad of doubts cast by the people in charge. Several renowned medical institutions have confirmed the notion of CBD’s benefits when it comes to eradicating cancer. It doesn’t only stop the growth of existing tumors, but it also makes sure that they never return.

What makes CBD the ultimate choice against cancer are its side-effects. What side-effects, you ask? Although it may seem like a grim statement, CBD actually has positive effects. If a patient is getting treated with chemo, he could use CBD to help counter the negative effects of chemo. Insomnia, nausea, lack of appetite, weakness – all of these aspects are eradicated by CBD.

Therefore, you can use CBD oil as both a primary anti-cancer treatment or as a secondary aid. Both methods have their own benefits and require sufficient preparation. You won’t find any of these methods obstructive or invasive and results will be evident. CBD is simply the future of modern medicine.

2. The best way to make it is using a decarboxylation method

Even though CBD is widely available and not that expensive, the making of it can be quite a tricky process. The CO2 extraction method is widely regarded as the best and cleanest process. Using a number of different pressures of this gas, you get the opportunity to get the clean CBD oil extract. What makes this choice the best one is the fact that there is no residue left whatsoever.

Olive oil, butane, and other substances all leave their mark on the end substance and make it impure and less fit to benefit your health. Since it’s derived from the hemp plant, there are chances you might encounter chlorophyll in the end substance. This can cause an allergic reaction in some people. This is precisely why scientists opt for the CO2 extraction method. Almost devoid of chlorophyll, this final product is the ideal choice for any type of application. Technically, because it’s so concentrated, you will need less of it to achieve the desired effect. CBD oil made by carbon-dioxide extraction is the most efficient when it comes to eradicating pain.

3. It can offset the effects of THC

CBD is often compared to THC, but what is the real relationship between these two? Well, THC is CBD’s psychedelic cousin and is often the poster child for the “detrimental effects of marijuana”. CBD unrightfully gets the pun in the same category and is the victim of slander and legal regulation. Even though THC has many benefits, some people don’t like the high feeling. What does CBD have to do with that?

Well, CBD is proven to completely eradicate the “bad effects” of THC and leaving the good ones untouched. A substantial number of people need to smoke medical marijuana after various types of surgery. In some cases, if the strain is too strong, it can cause strain on the mind and the dizziness can be uncomfortable. CBD oil can neutralize these negative side-effects and allow you to enjoy your medication in peace.

If you’re having issues with medical marijuana, add some CBD oil to the mix. Not everyone’s aware of this detail, but it can do wonders and further decrease the pain.

4. It’s legal for sale in the majority of the US

Yes, this is in fact true. CBD isn’t grouped together with THC and regular marijuana. There is a reason for this. In most cases, CBD is made out of hemp plants, not cannabis plants. They contain almost no THC whatsoever and aren’t psychoactive.

Therefore, you can manufacture it yourself too! There aren’t any licenses required and you can practice your herbal skills in the process. Because it is so widely available, more and more individuals see their life changed by this miraculous compound.

5. It never shows up on drug tests

A sad reality is that the acceptance of medicinal marijuana is not something universal. Even though many countries allow it and you won’t get prosecuted, employers still have the right to fire you. If you have THC in your blood or urine during the mandatory testing, you can risk losing your job. See how we said THC and not CBD? There is a reason for this.

No drug test in the world is designed to find CBD in your blood or urine. Even though it’s made from the cannabis plant, it’s not a psychoactive drug. You only have to worry about THC showing up on the test. Without the fear of losing stability in your life, you can take your medication freely. We can only hope that there will be a rise in awareness sometime soon.





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